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Non-Redhead Tries to Go Red and It’s a TikTok Disaster

Have you seen this trending video?

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A creator on Tiktok tried going “ginger” recently and it was quite the disaster. After buying several hair dye products at the beauty supply store, Tiktoker Emma Langford proceed to dye her bleached blonde hair red. 

After mixing up a bright orange concoction, Emma put it on her head and soon realized something was wrong. The colors began to separate leaving her hair patches of yellow and orange.

Dyeing hair red is super popular right now and 2023 trends show it staying around. While many people may be tempted to skip the salon and save some money, it might not be a good idea. The perfect ginger shade is often hard to find, and mixing custom colors is something that’s best left to a professional.

If you want to opt for a little hair upgrade at home, try a color-depositing shampoo or gloss. But, our suggestion is to head to the salon. You won’t regret it!


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Video: This is What Happens When 1,000 Gingers Unite

Would You Attend a Redhead Festival?

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Did you know that there’s an annual gathering of redheads? That’s right! Every year for the last 12 years, redheads from across the globe have been gathering together for the Redhead Days Festival in the Netherlands. Redhead travel YouTuber, Drew Binksy, hopped on a plane last summer and headed to the 2022 festival to document what goes down when 1000 gingers unite.

Bart Rouwenhorts, the festival’s founder, created the festival over a decade ago for one simple reason: the camaraderie among redheads. In an interview, Bart tells Drew he sees redheads relating to one another as though they are family, and thus the festival was born to bring redheads together.

Drew also interviews other redhead attendees who talk about their experiences growing up with red hair and even shares his own experience about why he loves his red hair. Some of these redheads might be the only redhead in their family or friend group, and this festival gives them an opportunity to connect with people who share this trait. 

What kind of things happen at a ginger festival? Well, there’s food and drinking and even some redhead-specific activities like matching your color on a big board of red shades, the longest hair competition, art projects, and of course SPF dispensers.

So, what do you think? Would you go to a redhead festival? The 2023 dates have been announced, you can find those dates and more on the Redhead Days Festival website

Watch the full video here:


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How Redheads Can Get In On The Baby Bangs Trend

Would You Try This Style?

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Bangs make a statement, and baby bangs really pack a punch. These ultra trendy extra short bangs can be super cute or look awful, it just depends on how they are cut and styled. Baby bangs can be really wearable on certain hairstyles like a pixie cut or curly hair. Here are a few things to consider before you try the baby bang trend:

1. Hair Length

Baby bangs tend to look better and be more wearable with shorter hair. That doesn’t mean they can’t be worn with long hair, though. A longer layered look with baby bangs can be quite cute too.

2. Hair Texture

With all bang styles, it’s important to consider your hair texture. Bangs will look different on curly or wavy hair than they will on straight hair. Baby bangs will also stand out more on straight hair, whereas with curly hair they tend to naturally blend nicely with the curls surrounding the face. 

3. Maintenance

Bangs take a lot of upkeep, no matter their length. If you want to keep your bangs “baby” length, you’ll need to make frequent trips to the salon or learn to be handy with the scissors yourself. 

4. Lifestyle

Unlike longer curtain bangs or side bangs, baby bangs are hard to get out of your face. You might have some luck with a hat or headband but these little bangs are not going into a ponytail. Think about your lifestyle, do you work out a lot? Is your skin prone to breakouts? These are all things to consider before committing to bangs, especially baby bangs. 


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6 Reasons Your Redhead Skin is Irritated After Shaving

Say Goodbye to Skin Irritation

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of silky soft skin after you shave, but what about when you get those nasty little red bumps and uncontrollable itching? Shaving irritation is common, especially in those who have sensitive skin like us redheads. Here are 6 reasons your skin might irritate after you’ve shaved. 

1. You have a nickel allergy

Did you know lots of redheads are allergic to nickel? Using a razor made of nickel when you’ve got a nickel allergy is a surefire way to get irritation. 

2. You’re not replacing your razor enough

A dull or dirty razor blade is another reason you might be having irritation. You should change your razor every 5-7 shaves, and always rinse your razor after use. 

3. You’re using the wrong razor 

Aside from nickel, there are other things you should look for when shopping for a razor. Because redheads have sensitive skin you want to make sure it has plenty of blades, good lubrication, and is sensitive skin safe. 

4. Your skin isn’t lubricated when shaving

Your razor usually has a lubricating strip on it, which helps the blade to glide, but this isn’t enough. Make sure your skin is wet, dry shaving causes irritation, and make sure you’re using shaving cream or soap that provides ample glide. In a pinch? Try using conditioner! 

5. You are shaving too often

We all want smooth skin, but shaving too much could be the cause of your irritation. Instead of shaving every day, try shaving every other day to help reduce irritation

6. Your skin isn’t moisturized after shaving 

Many of us don’t want to take the steps needed to moisturize our legs and body after showering. But, shaving dry skin is a main reason why you may experience shaving irritation. Make sure to spend a few minutes moisturizing your legs after time in the shower. If you do this for 1-2 weeks, you will see a big difference the next time you go to shave.

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Red Hair on the Red Carpet: 2023 Grammy Awards Edition

Check Out More Red Carpet Looks!

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Award season can set the tone for the whole year. This year, we are loving how much red hair is on the red carpet. We saw natural redheads and redheads ‘by choice’ and we are predicting this is another year when red hair “trends” in the beauty space. Here’s a look at all the red hair that walked the carpet at the 2023 Grammy Awards:

Bonnie Raitt

Singer and guitarist Bonnie Raitt has been a staple in the American music world since the 1970s and she’s still going strong. Raitt won Song of the Year for her #1 hit, Just Like That. Raitt started her career rocking her natural copper locks and now as she’s got older, she enhances the color but does keep a fun white streak in the front. On the carpet, Raitt wore a simple animal print jacket with black slacks and a long necklace. 

Alisha Gaddis

This redhead made several best-dressed lists with her over-the-top floral Rachel Burke gown. Gaddis, along with her husband, was nominated for Best Childen’s Music Album for their bilingual album Los Fabulosos.

Berit Gilma

This creative director and artist might be a more unfamiliar name, but she was nominated for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package for her work on the album Big Mess by Danny Elfman. Gilma has tocked all sorts of red and copper over the years, but for the 2023 Grammys, she opted for a slicked-back look on her ginger locks, paired with a revealing white number that appears to be “Fifth Element” inspired. 


Singer of the hit song abcdefu, Gayle rocked the carpet with her signature split style. With ginger hair on one side and black on the other, the singer paired it with a see-through lace dress and lots of skin. Gayle was nominated for Song of the Year. 


English singer and songwriter Yolanda Claire Quartey, better known as Yola or Yola Carter rocked a look by Jovana Louis. The black and white ensemble resembles a unique take on a structured tuxedo with a wide-brimmed hat and stunning ginger locks. 

Shania Twain

One of the most talked about red carpet looks came from country music icon, Shania Twain. She paired her over-the-top black and white polka dot suit with a comically large hat and a bright red wig.


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Julianne Moore’s Red Hair Use To Make Her Feel “Like An Outsider”

She opened up to The New York Times about her journey to confidence

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Stunning redheads celebs are often the driving force behind younger redheads learning to love how they look, but for one celeb she hasn’t always felt confident in her red hair. Julianne Moore is an award-winning actress and is beloved by many. She’s known for her stunning red hair and light freckles, but in a recent interview with The Times, she admitted she hasn’t always loved her signature look.

“My red hair made me feel like an outsider growing up,” Moore says. She goes on to explain that “redheads are 2% of the global population. Nobody wants to feel like they’re in the minority, particularly as a young child.”

This is a sentiment many of us redheads understand all too well. Like Moore, many of us learn to embrace our red hair and freckles (if we have them) as we grow up. Moore goes on to say, “Now I feel very identified with my hair and freckles,” she noted, “but there’s still a part of me that would rather be a tanned blonde.”

Blonde hair and perfectly golden tan skin have become somewhat of a beauty standard in America, and even celebs feel the pressure to conform to that. Moore understands this all too well but as an adult, she has learned that “beauty and prettiness are subjective.”

As redheads, we are so unique in our features and our look. For many of us, even celebrities, it can take time to really learn to appreciate the ways we are special and really feel beautiful.


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3 Ways Redheads Can Bring Out Their Natural Waves

You might want to know if you have waves and if you do, this is how to embrace them...

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Red hair isn’t just unique in its color, it’s also unique in the makeup of the individual strands. Redheads have fewer strands of hair than blondes and brunettes, but these strands are actually thicker in size. This is why most redheads have thick hair. This also leads to many redheads having curly or wavy hair. 

There’s lots of information for redheads with curly hair on how to enhance curls and what products to use, but for redheads with wavy hair it isn’t always so simple. Wavy hair can often present itself as frizz or unruly hair if not cared for properly. If you’re a redhead who thinks you might have wavy hair, or you know you have wavy red hair but aren’t sure what to do next keep reading:

How to see if you have wavy hair:

This might feel like it should be obvious, but waves and curls can form later in life, or they can be suppressed from years of heat damage. If your hair doesn’t dry stick straight without the help of a brush and blow dryer, and you have a lot of frizz you might actually have wavy hair.

The best place to check for waves is at the nape of the neck and around the ears. If you see waves or curls in this area, it’s time to do some further digging to find your wave/curl pattern. If you’re not seeing any waves or curls in this area and still think you might have wavy hair, try scrunching it up with a towel after your next shower and letting it air dry; you might see some waves start to form.

3 tips to bring out waves: 

You’ve determined that your hair is in fact wavy, now it’s time to do a few things to help bring out your waves. Retraining your wave/curl pattern can take time, but these tips will help you to get started. 

  • Get a Curl Cream – Adding curl cream to wet hair after you get out of the shower will help the waves/curls form. If your hair isn’t wavy or curly this won’t really do anything, but if it is you will start to see them form naturally. You don’t have to buy anything expensive to start out. You can always build your routine later if you choose to embrace your natural waves.
  • Add Mousse or Gel – Curl cream will help the waves/curls form, but now you need something to help them hold. This is especially important if you’re retraining your wave/curl pattern after years of heat damage. Your waves will need that extra help to stay put. You can apply this after your curl cream to wet hair.
  • Scrunch and Diffuse – One of the easiest methods for starting the curl-forming process is scrunching. Using a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt, scrunch your products into your hair while removing excess water. This will help the curls to form and disperse the product. When you’re done you can let it air dry, or hit it with a diffuser to help speed the process up. 


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8 Adorable Valentine’s Day Nails for Redheads

Get inspired for Valentine's Day

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It’s the season of love, and one thing we love is cute nail art. We’ve gathered up 8 different Valentine’s Day-themed nail ideas for you to try this month! Some are classic v-day looks while others can be worn long after the holiday is over.

1. Red Hearts

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day nail guide without some classic red hearts. This modern look of the thin frenchie paired with dainty red hearts is trendy and cute.

2. Red and Pink

If you want a classic color combo for Valentine’s Day it has to be red and pink. Add some hearts if you want to be really on theme, or keep it a little simpler with something like flowers so you can keep wearing them for weeks to come. 

3. Pink Glitter

For a simple look that isn’t too in your face, try a pink glitter nail. You can even do this look at home. Glitter is a fun way to add a little something to your nails at any length.

4. Pink Tips

Another simple look that’s on theme but toned down is pink tips. Try a gradient look or keep it easy with just one color for a cute Valentine’s Day nail. 

5. Chrome

If you like trendy things, you’ve got to try chrome nails. This flashy finish is very on-trend and we are loving pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day!

6. White and Neutral Hearts

If reds and pinks aren’t your thing, try a white and neutral nail with little heart elements. This look is chic and understated while still feeling festive. 

7. Purple Hearts

Another option for those who don’t love red and pink is purple! Adding some little heart elements to purple nails is perfect for Valentine’s Day and any day!

8. Magenta ink

Trying to choose a shade of pink? Try this year’s Pantone Color of the Year and go magenta! Magenta pink is a gorgeous color for redheads, as is any color in the berry family. 


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5 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Redheads in 2023

Ready to chop your locks?

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Every year when spring rolls around and warmer weather approaches, we see short hair trending. Short hair is just easier (and cooler) in the warmer months. If you’re thinking of cutting your red hair sometime soon, or maybe you already have shorter red hair and need a new style, check out these 5 trendy short hairstyles to rock in 2023. 

1. French Bob

Want an ultra chic short haircut? The french bob is where it’s at. This haircut is typically chin length or shorter and is paired with some bangs. The combo of the bangs and short, defined cut really gives an elevated look. French bobs can be worn straight, wavy, or curly. 

2. Classic Blunt Bob 

If bangs aren’t for you but you still love that sleek short look, try a classic bob with no bangs. For a classic bob, we love the more blunt look where all the hair is one length. This style looks really cute straight and can be worn with a middle or side part. 

3. Shag Cut

Maybe the trendiest of the bunch is the shag cut. A short shag can feel intimidating but if you get the cut right it looks amazing. Shags are low maintenance on their own, but that does change a little when you add in bangs which really pull together the short shag look. 

4. Layered Lob

For a more medium short look, you can never go wrong with a layered lob. This cut will truly never go out of style and it gives you lots of options for styling. Lobs look amazing straight or curled or just with the ends rounded. You can add soft fringe, curtain bangs or keep things on the longer side and just add layers. 

5. Blunt Angled Lob

If you want a more dramatic lob, we suggest a blunt-angled lob. The angled shape elongates the face and the blunt cut keeps things sharp. This look does take some styling to get perfect every day but since it’s short it’s not too much upkeep. 


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The 5 Best Hair Towels For Redheads in 2023

It's Time to Make the Switch

Posted on

When it comes to your start-to-finish redhead hair care routine—we’re talking from keeping red hair vibrant to washing to drying to styling—we’re willing to bet that the towel-drying part of the process is what gets the least attention. We understand because it’s so easy to throw your hair up in a normal bath towel. But here’s the thing: when hair is wet, it’s in its most fragile state and the most prone to breakage.

As redheads, we want to keep our red hair in its best state. Normal terrycloth towels, although absorbent, is proven to cause frizz and damage. We recommend using a microfiber hair towel or a specialized hair towel to keep frizz at bay. 

Having a hair towel is essential for redheads in 2023. Here’s why:

1. Less Frizz and Damage 

Of course, the main reason most of us are moving to hair towels is the reduced frizz and damage. The material the hair towels are made of leaves us with less friction, less snagging, and overall healthier hair.

2. Reduces Neck Strain

Hair towels aren’t just necessary because of the material, they can also help reduce neck strain. If you’re someone who likes to twist your hair up, a heavy bath towel can actually give you neck strain. Hair towels are smaller and more lightweight so you can still wrap your hair up without having heaviness on your neck.

3. Dries Hair Faster

If you’ve been using your bath towel to dry your hair, chances are it’s not getting dry very quickly. Your bath towel is damp from your body, and that damp towel isn’t helping to dry your hair. Since hair towels are used just for your hair it’s dry when you use it helping it absorb more water.

4. May Help with Breakouts

Using one towel for your body, face and head can lead to breakouts. The products from your hair will get on your back and chest and anything on your body will get on your forehead, neck, and scalp. If you have sensitive skin using a towel for multiple body parts could be the culprit of breakouts.

With all this new information, things have shifted and now more and more alternatives for drying our hair are being created.

Here are some of our favorite hair towels on the market:

redhead hair towel



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Redhead Beauty Writer Update: My 10 Skin & Hair Must-Haves This Winter

Essentials from a Redhead Beauty Writer

Posted on

In July 2022, I shared 15 of my all-time favorite redhead-approved beauty products. While I still love and use all those products, I wanted to share my redhead skin and hair must-haves for winter before spring comes. It gets quite cold in the wintertime where I live, so keeping my red hair and sensitive skin hydrated and nourished is priority number one.

Here are 10 products I’ve added to my redhead beauty skin and haircare routines for the colder months of the year.

Must-Have Winter Skincare

1. Peach & Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask

During the winter, my skin seems to be extra sensitive and sometimes I find myself with little bumps, dry patches, and overall uneven skin. This resurfacing mask has been a game-changer. I use it once a week and it totally refreshes my skin.

winter skincare

Peach & Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask: $45

2. Handmade Heros Vegan Conditioning Coconut Lip Exfoliator

Another struggle I often have during the winter months is dry lips. Keeping my lips hydrated helps, but it’s essential to get off the dead skin, and I love this vegan lip exfoliator

winter skin

Handmade Heros Vegan Conditioning Coconut Lip Exfoliator: $10

3. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm Naked

Speaking of keeping lips nice and soft, this is my absolute favorite lip balm for year-round use. It keeps lips soft and hydrated for hours. 

redhead winter

Dr. Bronner's Organic Lip Balm Naked: $4

4. Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Firming Oil

I find myself adding a facial oil into my skincare routine more often in the fall and winter months and this season I am loving this firming oil with vitamin C and rose


Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Firming Oil: $60

5. Modelones Cuticle Cream

When the weather is cold and dry, my cuticles really struggle so I’ve started applying this cuticle cream morning and night and it’s made a big difference!

redhead skincare

Modelones Cuticle Cream: $8

Must-Have Winter Haircare

6. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner

In my last essentials post I talked about how much I was loving Olaplex, and I still really love how it makes my hair feel, but for the wintertime, I need more hydration than it can offer. So I’ve switched over to Pureology and my hair is softer than ever.

red hair care

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner: $72

7. Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector

I like to switch up the hair masks I use and this winter, the Olaplex hair protector has been great for keeping my hair soft and hydrated.

winter hair care

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector: $30

8. Crown Affair The Leave-In Conditioner

Hydration doesn’t stop when you leave the shower and I’ve found that I need an extra boost from my leave-in conditioner during the wintertime. This leave-in makes my hair super soft and accentuates my natural waves.

winter redhead

Crown Affair The Leave-In Conditioner: $48

9. Verb Ghost Weightless Hair Oil

I love hair oil for styling as well as adding hydration to damp hair. I like running this through the ends of my hair in combination with my leave-in products whenever I airdry.

winter hair routine

Verb Ghost Weightless Hair Oil: $20

10. Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Spray

I love letting my hair air dry, but when it’s cold out I tend to blow dry it a lot more often. This dream coat gives me silky soft hair and preserves my blowout look which I love. Plus, it’s formaldehyde-free which is really important to me. 

winter beauty

Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Spray: $28


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Micellar Water Fans, Prepare Yourself — And Your Red Hair

It's Sensitive Scalp Safe Too!

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Micellar water is probably something you have in your bathroom, and maybe you use it to remove makeup or as a light facial cleanser. It’s popular because it has tiny oil molecules in it that help extract dirt and oils, and is great because it’s gentle and hydrating for all sensitive redhead skin types. Micellar water is also no-rinse which makes it a convenient item to use on the go.

Did you know micellar water can actually be used on your red hair?! That’s right. It’s multi-use. Here’s everything you need to know about using micellar water on your red locks:

1. An alternative to clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are meant to give your scalp a deep clean. Regular shampooing isn’t always enough to get the build-up and oils off your scalp. Like a clarifying product, micellar water can be used to help loosen that build-up and remove excess oils without stripping the hair of hydration. 

2. It’s sensitive scalp safe 

One downside to some clarifying shampoos is they tend to be pretty harsh. This means if you have sensitive skin and a sensitive scalp like most redheads, they might cause irritation. Micellar water is gentle on the skin while being rough on build-up, which makes it safer for sensitive scalps.

3. Perfect for those with oily scalps

Micellar water is known for breaking down oils to leave skin clean. Just like on your face, it can help to break down the excess oils, which makes it great for those with oily scalps

4. It can help with hair growth

Scalp health is imperative for healthy hair growth, and getting that deep clean of the scalp can help to promote growth in your red hair. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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