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7 Low-Maintenance Beauty Tips for Redheads

High Maintenance Tips Stay Low Maintenance

You may see those girls on your FYP who are effortlessly put together and only need a few minutes to get out the door. Some of them might be blessed, but most of them are putting in the work behind the scenes. If you’re a redhead who strives to be “low maintenance“, but can’t seem to get yourself there, listen up. There’s a secret to being low maintenance and it’s not just not caring. The secret is actually doing “high maintenance” beauty tasks once-in-a while. Hear us out! Here are 7 high maintenance things you can do every so often to become more low maintenance on a daily basis: 

1. Tint your redhead brows

If you have light eyebrows, there’s a constant struggle of not feeling “put together” until you apply your brow gel. You might hate finding the time to do your brows and the secret is tinting your brows. You can do this at home every 4-8 weeks and you’ll wake up every day looking ready to go. For makeup days, wear Finally Have Brows® for added volume, shape, and hold. 

2. Get a lash lift and tint 

Similarly to our eyebrows, most redheads have light lashes and don’t feel ready to head out the door until mascara has been applied. Getting a lash lift and tint every 6-8 weeks will help you feel your best every morning with no effort. If your lash tinting isn’t for you, try the Finally Have Lashes® Auburn or Brown mascara. 

3. Master overnight hairstyles 

Spending an hour doing your hair in the morning is the least low-maintenance thing in the world. Master the overnight curls so you can be ready in a flash and have gorgeous-looking red hair every single day. Curls aren’t your thing? Teach yourself how to do a killer blowout. When done properly it should last you until your next hair wash day.

4. Perfect your 5-minute makeup routine

Being low maintenance doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup, it just means it doesn’t take you 45 minutes to put your face on before heading out the door. Master a 5 or 10-minute makeup routine that you feel comfortable in. Concealer, mascara, and brow gel are a quick, easy combo that will help you feel put together. 

5. Take care of your skin

The best way to be low maintenance is to have a great canvas to work with. Taking care of your skin will help you to be more confident without makeup, making you more low maintenance. Drink plenty of water, hydrate and nourish your skin with skincare, always wash your makeup off, and always wear SPF.

6. Set up a hair wash schedule

There’s nothing worse than realizing your hair is way too many days past wash day and you have to carve hours out of your time to wash, dry, and style. Instead, put yourself on a hair-washing schedule and stick to it. Learn how many days your hair can go between washes and wash it like clockwork. This ensures your hair is always up to par and you’re never caught with dirty hair on a bad day. 

7. Weekly “everything showers” 

Hair washing isn’t the only place a schedule is helpful. 1-2 times per week, schedule yourself an “everything shower”. This is when you wash, exfoliate, shave, scrub, use hair masks, and really get all bubbly things done. This will help you to feel your best the rest of the week and it’s well worth it. This also means your daily showers can be shorter and more focused on getting clean. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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