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10 Weird Redhead Beauty Routines That Actually Work

#3 sounds weird but it's a win-win: UPF protection + stellar brows

Beauty routines are so personal, and everyone follows a different one. Individual beauty routines vary based on factors such as skin type, personal preferences, cultural influences, and specific skincare needs. Redheads usually adapt beauty routines to address their unique concerns (sensitive skin, freckles, etc) and achieve the results they desire. We all have quirky steps we do every once in a while. Here are some of the strange things our H2BAR team does as part of our beauty routines. You could call them hacks or beauty secrets, but these little tricks work: 

1. Use olive oil on the hair 

Hair oiling is becoming more and more popular, but you don’t need to buy fancy oils to get the benefits. The olive oil you have right in your kitchen can be used to condition, strengthen, and repair dry hair

2. Apply brow makeup before moisturizer 

Applying brow makeup over skincare can often give you a watery, “unset” look — especially if you’re in a hurry. We like to wash our skin, apply serums, then allow 2-3 minutes to let it all set it. Once dry, apply brow makeup, then apply the moisturizer around the brows and rest of the face. 

3. Use SPF as “brow gel”

If you’re doing a “no makeup” look and don’t want to apply brow products, try applying your SPF all over your face, including your brows, and then brush them up. Usually, the SPF will help them hold. 

4. Groom your brows in the car 

Speaking of brows, the best lighting for doing your brows and grooming your brows is in the car. So, keep some tweezers and a spoolie on hand for the next time you’re at a long red light. 

5. Use cream masks as foot care

Treat dry feet with a cream facial mask because facial products are usually made with premium ingredients. That’s why we like to apply facial products to the feet and pop some socks on. Facial masks can help to leave your feet nice, soft and moisturized.

6. Exfoliate lips with your washcloth 

Dry lips are no fun, but you can easily exfoliate them by rubbing a dry, terry washcloth over your lips 1-2X. Make sure to follow up with a hydrating lip balm.

7. Ice your face 

Facial icing is quite popular, but you don’t need a special roller. Use some ice cubes from your freezer instead. It can help with swelling, puffiness, redness, and inflammation.

8. Shave with your conditioner 

If you struggle to get soft legs with your regular soap or shaving cream, try using conditioner. This is also a great hack for when you’re traveling. 

9. Trim brow hairs with nail clippers

If you don’t have brow scissors on hand, or you struggle to get a precise snip with brow scissors, try using nail clippers. You can cut the hair directly from the top, but be very careful. 

10. Wash your hairline after conditioning. 

If you use hair masks or like to condition your roots, you might notice your part and hairline can get greasy faster. Avoid this by using just a spot of shampoo on your part and hairline after conditioning.

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