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Facial Icing: Is Ice Good for Redhead Skin?

Have you tried this?

Icing specific areas of the body, also known as cold therapy or cryotherapy is a great way to ease pain, reduce swelling, and speed up healing in tissue or muscles. Facial icing is a common beauty practice that has a lot of benefits for your redhead skin

Benefits of ice facials:

There are a number of benefits to ice facials, not only are they soothing to the skin but they can also do the following: 

How ice facials actually work:

Ice facials are extremely simple and are performed by taking a frozen tool such as an ice roller or even just ice cubes and massaging them along the face. Ice facials typically last only a couple of minutes and focus on the jawline, chin, lips, nose, cheeks, and forehead. 

How to do an ice facial at home: 

Since ice facials are such a simple practice, they are easy to do on your own at home. Using an ice roller that is kept in the freezer is the easiest way to give yourself an ice facial, but you can use regular ice cubes if you don’t have one. Redheads Recommend: ESARORA Ice Roller for Face ($19)

Why this skin hack is great for redhead skin: 

Redheads typically have sensitive skin, which means they are prone to redness, blemishes, and sunburn among other skin conditions. Ice facials are an easy, non-chemical way to treat your skin without fear of irritation. 

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