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Is It Bad For Redheads To Apply Conditioner To The Roots?

Conditioner is meant to make your red hair softer and easier to manage while protecting the hair shaft from damage. Some redheads may apply conditioner from roots to ends, while others just do the ends. Some even opt-out of using conditioner altogether. But did you know conditioner might not really be benefiting your red hair when applied to the roots at all? 

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Here are the general rules for conditioner application based on your hair type:

1. If you have oily hair, only apply conditioner to the ends: 

A factor to consider is your hair type. If your hair is oily you will probably find applying conditioner to the roots makes it get oily a lot faster. This is because the conditioner is really made for your ends, which are the driest part of your hair. So when combined with your natural root oils, the conditioner can cause your hair to look oilier than it is.

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2. If you have dry hair, you can apply conditioner to the roots but it might not do much: 

If your hair is dry, you might find conditioning your roots don’t really affect you much, but you’re really just wasting product. Your dry hair would probably be better off with a punch of moisture from a hair mask or hair oil. 

3. No matter your hair type, you might lose volume: 

Another con to conditioning your roots is that it might make you lose volume. Conditioner coats the hair strands leaving them silky and soft. This added coating may weigh your hair down at the crown of the head, causing you to have to work harder for volume.

4. Listen to the experts: 

For best results, hair professionals suggest you apply conditioner from about your ears down really focusing on your ends and making sure they are getting the hydration and moisture they need.

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So while conditioning your roots isn’t really bad, it might not be the best for any hair type. What do you do?

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