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10 Beauty Resolutions For Redheads To Make in 2024

Ring in the New Year, Beautifully!

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We love making resolutions, specifically beauty resolutions. Last year, we had 5 beauty resolutions we encouraged redheads to make which included understanding your skincare ingredients, using up empties, making skincare a priority, and fixing beauty issues you’ve been putting off. 

This year, we’re proposing some more redhead-focused beauty resolutions we think you should join in on. Have some beauty resolutions of your own? Let us know about them in the comments:

1. Get hydrated

Dehydration is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Not only do you need hydrating skin products, but you need to keep your body hydrated too. This year, drink plenty of water because your skin will thank you.

2. SPF always

We know we sound like a broken record, but SPF is the most important skincare product a redhead (and really anyone) can use. Keeping your skin safe from the sun can extend your life and make your skin look better. Wear SPF.

3. Quality over quantity

Having a 20-step skincare routine could mean nothing if the products you’re using aren’t made with quality ingredients, and aren’t targeting the things you need to focus on. Instead opt for investing in skincare that will actually help, and pare down your collection to just the essentials. 

4. Skincare and makeup for you

Not all products are made for redheads. Find beauty products that are meant for your skin, complexion, and hair color. You will feel so much better instead of trying to fit into a box that wasn’t ever made for you. 

5. Skip (some of) the trends

Speaking of trends…when it comes to beauty, not all trends are meant for everybody. Whether it’s makeup skincare or hairstyles, you have to find what works for you. So try some of the trends, but skip the ones that aren’t safe, practical, or feel like you. 

6. Go cruelty-free

Animal testing isn’t necessary and you can help to minimize it by reducing the number of brands you use that test on animals. We know it’s not always easy, and we don’t expect anyone to be perfect, because do your very best.

7. Learn 5-minute makeup

Having a quick go-to makeup routine will save you time, and headaches. It doesn’t have to be what you do every day (if you like a more full face), but work on building a routine specifically with products picked out for you. Make your life easy & beautiful this year. 

8. Know your products

Like we said last year, it’s important to know about the ingredients in your skincare. Knowing what works for your sensitive skin can save you from irritation. It’s also important to know your products and know which ones can and can’t go together. 

9. Address the big picture

If you’re struggling with skin issues or hair issues and you’ve tried addressing the problem with products, it might be time for something more. Talk to a dermatologist, doctor, or hair professional to find out what things in your lifestyle, diet or health might be impacting you. 

10. Be gentle

If skincare, makeup, haircare, and all things beauty are new to you, or confusing, or just don’t feel like they are working…be gentle. Be gentle with yourself. Women are held to an impossible standard, and it can be A LOT. You’ve got this, and for when you need redhead advice, How to be a Redhead is always here.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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