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Redheads: Have You Heard About the SPF Wait Time?

A Sunscreen Fact You'll Want to Know

SPF Wait Time

We all know we’re supposed to reapply our sunscreen every two hours, but have you ever heard of a sunscreen wait time? Essentially, this is the time you should wait between applying your sunscreen and being exposed to the sun. If you’ve never heard of this, you’re not alone. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Bottom line: wait 15 minutes after applying your sunscreen

If you look around the internet for information on sunscreen application time, you will find everything from 8 minutes to 30 minutes as the recommended time. The difference in times may come from different brands of sunscreen or different application methods like spray or liquid sunscreen

However, we do have a pretty solid answer on what that wait time should be. The American Academy of Dermatology says that you should wait 15 minutes after applying your sunscreen before heading out into the sun. This is how long it takes your skin to absorb the sunscreen and have it work to its fullest effect

If you don’t wait, you could get a sunburn

So what happens if you don’t wait? Well, your skin may be unprotected and you may get a sunburn. If you forgot to apply before heading to the beach, just make sure you stay in the shade and out of the water while your sunscreen soaks in.

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