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A Redhead’s Ultimate Guide To SPF: Application Tips & Tricks

Keep Your Skin Protected this Spring and Summer!

Proper SPF application can help keep your redhead skin safe from sun damage and prevent premature signs of aging. We’re here with all our application tips and tricks so you can look great and stay protected. 

1. Mix & Match Your Formulas

Coverage is key, and the best way to get good coverage all over is to mix and match the types of SPF you’re using. For your body, liquid or spray sunscreen work wonders. For your face, try a stick sunscreen around the eyes and an SPF balm for lips. Using different sunscreens will ensure your body gets the coverage it needs. Just make sure you’re paying attention to reapplication time for each one.

2. Apply under and over makeup

Prep your face with an SPF before you start your makeup. Opt for one that dries down nicely or acts as a primer. Once you’ve completed the look top it with a spray sunscreen or a powder sunscreen for extra protection. It can’t hurt to use a foundation with SPF as well. 

3. Mix your own tinted SPF 

Can’t find a tinted sunscreen you like? Try mixing your own. Add a couple of drops of your redhead-approved foundation to your sunscreen and apply makeup. You can even use a beauty blender to get a nice even finish. This trick works really well with SPF foundations that don’t give you enough sun protection.

4. Apply to hands and feet 

We often forget about our hands and feet, which may need more frequent application than other parts of the body. Reapply SPF after washing hands, and don’t forget your feet if you’re wearing sandals or going barefoot.

5. Don’t forget your scalp and hairline

If you’re wearing your hair back, you will need to apply SPF all the way to the hairline and on the ears. Additionally, if you’ve a distinctive part in your hair or thinner locks, you may need a scalp SPF. You can also protect your head with a hat. 

6. Pro Tip: Use a stick sunscreen for little (redhead) ones

Getting kids lathered up can be tough, so try a stick sunscreen for an easy, mess-free application. Or you can use a clean foundation brush to apply liquid SPF without any hassle. 

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