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Fitness Influencer Urges His Followers To Stop Wearing Sunscreen

Know when social media is misinformation or facts. In this case, it's dangerous misinformation.

The need for sunscreen is not a secret — especially for redheads. After decades of research and studies, we know sunscreen and other forms of sun protection (hats, UPF clothing, shade) are the only ways to keep ourselves safe from harmful UV rays.

Well, not everyone believes these facts, and it has caused some harmful misinformation to circulate online. 

A recent Rolling Stone article focuses on James Middleton who is a fitness coach and influencer, and also the brother of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales. The article titled, “influencer wants you to fry your skin” writes about Middleton and his sunscreen conspiracy.

Middleton believes sunscreen is only made to keep us from getting the Vitamin D we need from the sun, thus allowing us to get autoimmune diseases and other sicknesses. He believes this cycle is keeping pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in business. He goes on to say UV rays are a myth and sunscreen is a scam. 

Rolling Stone points out that while Middleton’s success is impressive, “this makes him neither a dermatologist nor an oncologist”. 

While most people know this information is bogus, Middleton isn’t the only one peddling anti-sunscreen propaganda. Other influencers believe him and continue to spread misinformation — the result is highly dangerous.

While we all love scrolling our FYP and listening to people just like us share hacks and tips, it is super important to remember: doctors and medical professionals are the only ones we should be taking serious health advice from — having a verified Instagram or TikTok account does not make you a trained professional. 

Redheads, keep wearing sunscreen and consult with your doctor about SPF + Vitamin D supplements too.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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