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6 Facts About Sunscreen and Sun Protection for Redheads

Get Informed and Stay Safe For UV Safety Month!

July is UV Safety Month, and here at H2BAR, we like to keep informed about all things sun protection. Redheads are more likely to experience sunburn, sun damage, and develop skin cancer. The more we educate ourselves, the better chance we have at keeping our skin safe, so here are 6 SPF facts you might not know:

1. Your body needs approximately a shot glass worth of sunscreen

Most people simply aren’t applying enough sunscreen. Unlike moisturizers, sunscreen shouldn’t go on in a super thin layer. You want to fully cover your skin to keep it protected.

2. Certain supplements may help fight UV rays

While supplements aren’t a replacement for SPF, they might help protect you in combination with your sunscreen. One of these supplements is called Niacinamide.

3. Skin cancer can develop anywhere

That’s right, you can get skin cancer in places that aren’t exposed to the sun. While it’s most common for skin cancer to show up on the face, hands, chest, back, and neck, it can show up in other places that don’t get much (or any) sun.

4. Being tan doesn’t protect you from the sun

Lots of people think having a “base tan” will help to protect them from the sun. Well, this isn’t true. The only things that can really protect you from UV rays are sunscreen, clothing, and shade.

5. Even SPF 15 cuts your risk in half

According to, regular daily use of SPF 15+ sunscreen can reduce your risk of developing melanoma by 50%! That’s why it’s so important that you make SPF application a part of your everyday routine.


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