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5 Self-Tanner Hacks for Redheads

Get Your Glow On!

Sensitive-skinned redheads often want a nice natural glow, especially in the spring and summer months. Since most of us can’t get that glow on our own, we redheads turn to self-tanner. Whether you’re a self-tanner newbie or you’ve been at it for ages, here are 5 self-tanner hacks that are perfect for redheads: 

1. Apply a guard

There’s nothing worse than waking up the morning after applying a tan and seeing those crusty orange spots on your knuckles, knees, elbows, and feet. So in addition to exfoliating, make sure you apply a guard to those spots. You can use a moisturizer or even Vaseline to help make sure the drier areas don’t get too dark.

2. Use a makeup brush

Speaking of those trouble spots, a great way to ensure a light, streak-free application on your face, hands, and feet is to use a large makeup brush. Wait until the very end of your application and then use one brush for your hands and feet and one for your face. This will help you get a more precise application and you can control the amount you want. 

3. Try self-tanner contour

When tanning your face with the makeup brush, try some self-tanner contouring. Simply apply self-tanner a shade or two darker than your face tanner like you would your contour and let it dry. This will leave you with a subtle definition that lasts much longer than your daily contour. 

4. Use multiple products

The key to getting a natural-looking tan is customizing your color. For at-home tan, this is best achieved by using multiple products. We recommend using a light shade mousse for your body and tanning drops for your face to customize the color. 

5. Finish with baby powder

Nothing can ruin a tan faster than getting it wet, and sweat is something you just can’t avoid sometimes. To keep your tan looking nice, try applying a light coat of baby powder in the crooks of your knees and elbows and under your arms to avoid moisture ruining your tan. 

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