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10 ‘Redhead Friendly’ Self-Tanners We’re Loving This Winter

Get a subtle glow without damaging your skin

Self-tanners can either be a must-have or an absolute no for redheads. It really comes down to a redhead’s personal preference. Over the years, I’ve learned to drop the self-tanner and embrace my fair, freckled skin. I absolutely love my skin and freckles.

But, sometimes I must admit it does feel great to have a little glow with the help from a few ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved self-tanners. Whether it’s applying a little bit before the weekend begins or setting a tanning schedule a few days before a big trip, I’ve learned to adjust the color necessary to make it as natural as possible.

To save you time on trying a ton of different tanning products only to wake up and see streaky, orange spots, the H2BAR beauty team has compiled a list of our favorite 2021 ‘Redhead Friendly’ self-tanners. Scroll below to find the perfect one for you:

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Tanning mousse is weightless, water-based, and easy to apply. They help moisturize your skin and have you glowing by morning! You can also opt for an ‘express’ product (a quicker processing mousse) if you’re on a time crunch. Be sure to read the processing time on the bottle to ensure you rinse the product off at the proper time!

1. Mystic Tan Overnight Moisturizer Self-Tan Water Mousse (Featured in the February Monthly H2BAR Box!)


2. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam



3. St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse 




4. Tanologist Express Tan Mousse

Gradual Tanning

Gradual tanning products are great for redheads who really want to control the shade of their tan over time. Use a self-tanning moisturizer in place of your daily body lotion until you reach your desired shade, or try adding drops of a self-tanning serum to your favorite moisturizer to control the added glow!

7. Jergens Natural Glow + FIRMING Self Tanner


8. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Color Drops


9. Tan-Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum



For on-the-go

The perfect travel companion! Pack these easy-to-pack towels and you’ll never go a day without a glow.

10. TanTowel Self Tan Towelette Classic (This product has been in a few summer H2BAR beauty boxes – we love it!)