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Would You Try A Custom Self Tanner for Redheads?

A redhead TikToker tried it out. What do you think of the results?

custom self tan

Do you ever wonder how your favorite celebs have the perfect glow? How it seems to glimmer perfectly with their complexion, and it never looks orange? Matthew Stevens, the CEO of Illusion Bronze, explained in an Instagram Reel that celebrities have custom colors mixed for them for their spray tans.

The purpose of Illusion Bronze is to bring customized tan to the masses. They claim to pair you with the perfect color based on your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. The website has a quiz that asks a few questions like, how often you wear self-tanner, how important a natural-looking tan is to you, what your hair color is (red and strawberry blonde are both options), what your eye color is, and what your skin tone is (pale and fair are both options). Once you’ve completed the quiz you get your special formula.

Redhead TikToker @justicebmitchell went on Illusion Bronze’s website and did the custom quiz and selected fair for skin tone and red for hair color. In the video, she says the tan has a nice smell, unlike most self-tanners. Her tan had a green undertone instead of the reddish undertone many self-tanners have. She also said the product dried quickly and didn’t look “too bad” on the skin after application.  She loved the color and said she had no transfer to her clothes or sheets! What do you think? Would you try a custom sunless tanner shade?

Watch Part 1:


This is revolutionary… custom self tan made for YOU!? 😳 Stay tuned for part two! #selftan #selftanner #illusionbronze #customselftanner #selftanroutine #redhead #redheadmakeup #selftanhacks

♬ original sound – Justice Mitchell

Watch Part 2:


Custom self tan review part two🫶🏼 this will definitely be a staple in my tanning routine!! #selftan #selftanner #customselftanner #selftanroutine #redhead #palegirls #foryou #foryoupage @illusionbronze @Matthew Stevens #illusionbronze

♬ original sound – Justice Mitchell

At the time of writing this post, the product is not available on Amazon and only available through their website.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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