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Do You Put Heat Protectant on Wet or Dry Red Hair?

There is a difference!

If there is one thing we all want, it is to keep our red hair healthy. When blow drying, straightening or curling, the heat can make your hair look styled and gorgeous, but it can also cause breakage and irreversible damage. Applying heat protection is crucial to keep your unique locks healthy because the product will form a film to protect the hair from the high temperatures of the styling tools.

That being said, remember these two tips when using a heat protectant:

  1. You should distribute it evenly throughout your hair from roots to ends.
  2. You should consider its consistency to choose whether to use it on damp or dry hair.

The type of heat protection you use should really depend on how you’re styling your hair. But, do you apply on wet or dry hair? We’re here to answer your questions: 

1. When to use heat protection on wet hair

Choose a heat protection spray. When your hair is wet, you need to add a heat protection spray before blow drying. You can use either a wet spray product or an aerosol product to do so. Apply it all around your head before you hit it with a blow dryer or blow dry brush.

2. When to use heat protection on dry hair

Choose an aerosol spray meant for dry hair and won’t leave moisture on hair. You never want to apply a hot tool like a curling iron or straightener to wet hair. These tools should be used when your hair is fully dry. That also means you don’t want to be applying a wet heat protection spray to your hair. Instead, opt for an aerosol spray meant for dry hair. If you are going to use a more “wet” product, apply it 15 minutes before styling to ensure it’s dried completely. 

3. When to reapply heat protection 

You might think applying a heat protectant before blow drying is enough and it is if you stop after blow drying. But, if you are going to use a hair straightener or curling iron afterward, you should apply heat protection again to keep it safe and healthy


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