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Top 6 Tips to Diffuse Curly Red Hair Without the Frizz

Give Your Curls Body and Definition

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If you have curly red hair, you might be struggling with frizz, lack of curl definition, and flatness in your curls. One of the best ways to promote healthy curls and get a good curl definition is to diffuse your hair. Here’s the proper way to diffuse your red hair: 

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1. Apply leave-in product

The first thing you want to do is apply any leave-in product to your hair while wet. Rake it through with your hands until fully distributed. If you have excess water in your hair you can squeeze it out with a cotton t-shirt, but don’t rub. If you want more curl definition, try applying a gel or mousse in a scrunching motion.

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2. Invest in a quality blow dryer 

Some blow dryers could actually contribute to frizz! Invest in a great blow dryer and you will truly see the difference:



SAVE BLOW DRYER: Ionic Professional Blow Dryer


SPLURGE BLOW DRYER: The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer 



3. Section your hair

Now it’s time to get to drying. If you have lots of hair try sectioning it off or flipping your hair to one side. This will allow you to focus on your roots. You want to dry your roots before focusing on the main body and ends of your hair. 

4. Keep the heat low

While you’re diffusing it’s important to keep the heat low. Using high heat will cause frizz and damage to your hair. It will take longer on low to medium heat but it will be worth it in the end. 

5. Avoid touching your hair

Avoid touching your hair as much as possible during the drying process. You want the product to be able to dry and set on the curls without transferring oils or creating frizz. Once your roots are dry and your product is set and dry on your hair you can start to touch the hair a little while drying the ends.

6. Scrunch for more body

If you want more body in your hair, you can use the scrunch method of diffusing towards the end. When your hair is mostly dry at the root, use the diffuser to scrunch up from the ends to create more body. 

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