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How to Keep Your Summer Glow Through Fall – Even If It’s Just More Freckles!

If You're Lucky Enough to Get a "Tan", Here's How to Keep It

Most redheads don’t tan, so if you’ve managed to get a little color this summer (or just collected more freckles), you might want to hold on to it as long as possible. Here are a few ways to keep your summer glow from fading too fast: 

1. Hydrate

Keeping your skin hydrated starts from within. The best way to keep your skin looking nice and glowy is to stay hydrated. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water each day. Use a water bottle like the Hydracy Water Bottle with Time Marker

2. Moisturize

Keep your skin moisturized to keep your glow around. Not only will moisturizing help your tan stay longer it will help your skin look and feel healthier. Check out the top recommended redhead-approved moisturizers

3. Skip super hot showers

Hot water makes your skin sluff off faster, which means your tan will fade faster. Opt for warm to cold showers to help it stick around. 

4. Exfoliate sparingly

Over exfoliating will make your tan fade extremely quickly, but it’s still important to keep your skin healthy. Opt for exfoliating once every few weeks until your tan is fully gone. Read: All-Time Best Exfoliators for Redhead Skin 

5. Fake it!

If your summer glow is fading fast and you want to hang on to it, just fake it! Self-tanner, tanning drops, or spray tans are a great way to give you the summer color you’re looking for without the sun damage. Check out some of our sunless tanning favorites

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