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The Three Best Exfoliators For Your Redhead Skin

Updated: December 6, 2018

With the weather constantly changing, redhead skin can quickly go from super oily to extremely dry. After trying different skin regimens and products, there is one product needed to keep skin beautifully radiant: an exfoliator.

Redhead skin is sensitive and although many experts recommend using an exfoliator once a week. The right exfoliator will clean out your pores and scrub away dead skin. You’ll immediately notice your skin is less likely to break out and your skin will look and feel better than ever.

With all the exfoliating products on the market, which are the best for sensitive redhead skin? The trick is to find a face exfoliator that is designed for sensitive skin and is made with natural ingredients.

1. derma E Purifying Day Scrub, $12:

This gentle scrub is infused with green tea and marine algae extracts to rid skin of pollutants. It also has activated charcoal that traps dust and grime while granular apricot seed powder exfoliates the skin to keep it looking pure, healthy and hydrated.

2. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment, $65

This natural scrub is perfect for redheads. It’s made with papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple enzymes to help reduce pore size, stimulate circulation, and improve oxygen flow.

3. Peter Thomas Roth Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Peeling Gel Facial Treatment, $27:

Another wonderful ‘redhead friendly’ option from Peter Thomas Roth. Formulated with pineapple, pomegranate and keratinase enzymes.

When using exfoliators, make sure to always rinse with cool water and apply a moisturizer right after. With most exfoliators, you usually only have to use a dime size amount which means your product will last a long time!

Keep your skin beautifully radiant, Redheads! Rock it like a Redhead.