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Does Makeup With SPF Provide Adequate Sun Protection?

Are You Protecting Your Face?

When it comes to makeup and sun protection, there are a lot of questions about the level of protection you are receiving. There are tons of tinted moisturizers, CC and BB creams, and even full coverage foundations that have SPF in them, but does that really count as sunscreen? Yes and no, here’s what you need to know.

The SPF number matters for facial sunscreen 

The first thing to look at is the SPF number. Ideally, you want something between 30 and 50 for facial sunscreen. Anything under 30 isn’t going to do you much good because it may be difficult to reapply. Opt for a higher number, 40-50 is ideal.  

You probably aren’t wearing enough 

The problem with using a skin tint product as your only form of facial SPF is that you’re not using enough of it. Skin tints, tinted moisturizers, and other light coverage foundations aren’t meant to be applied with a heavy hand. They are meant to give subtle coverage and even skin tone. This means you’re probably not applying a thick enough layer to actually make your SPF work full-time. A foundation applied with a heavy hand for a full coverage look might be a different story. 

You probably can’t reapply

The truth of the matter is, your skin tint is a good helper, but alone it’s simply not getting the job done and if it is, it’s not working for long. SPF needs to be reapplied every 1-2 hours, and unless you’re adding a new layer of makeup each time you do need to add something else to your routine.

The fact is: it isn’t enough

SPF skin tint helps, and is absolutely better than nothing, but it might not be enough to keep you fully protected. That’s why we recommend wearing a higher facial SPF sunscreen under your makeup in addition to the skin tint, and consider trying a powder or spray product for reapplication throughout the day. That way you know you’re being fully protected.


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