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How Redheads Can Avoid Cakey Makeup and Blotchy Foundation Application

Get Flawless Application From Your Makeup Sponge

Every redhead has their favorite form of makeup application. Maybe you like using a brush or maybe even your fingers. One of the most popular techniques for the application of liquid products is a makeup sponge/beauty blender. Makeup sponges are a great way to get an even, buildable finish to your foundation (and recommended for redhead skin) but sometimes you might notice your application is looking blotchy. Here’s why:

Your sponge needs replacing

Makeup sponges should be cleaned regularly and replaced every 3-6 months. If your makeup sponge is dirty or just old, it might be giving you bad coverage. If your sponge is on the newer side, try giving it a good wash. If your sponge is a few months old, toss it and grab a new one. 

Your sponge is too wet 

One of the main reasons you will get a blotchy application from your makeup sponge is actually oversaturation of water. We wet the sponge to help get that nice soft, bouncy feel, but too much water will leave it waterlogged and drippy. The best practice is to wring out your sponge completely before using it. You can even wring it out on a paper towel to remove the excess. 

You’re using too hot/too cold of water 

Room temperature or slightly warm water is the best choice for your sponge. If you’re using super hot or super cold water, it might mess with your foundation. The room temperature/slightly warm water helps to blend without affecting the formula. 

Your product is oil based 

Water and oil don’t mix well, so using a waterlogged sponge with oil-based products is a recipe for separation. Instead of a makeup sponge, opt for a makeup brush when applying oil-based products

You’re wiping instead of bouncing 

Makeup sponges are meant to be bounced or dabbed across the face. You may be creating blotches in your foundation by dragging or wiping the sponge across the areas where it has already been applied.

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