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Did You Know Most Redheads Have Couperose Skin?

Your life might make so much more sense now.

Edited on July 12, 2017 & Edited on March 4, 2021

Those with natural red hair have thinner skin than people with darker hair. Redheads are prone to what doctors call “couperose skin.” Couperose skin is defined as visibly dilated capillaries; these capillaries are most likely to show up around the nose and cheek area and can look and feel similar to rosacea. Because a redhead’s skin is thinner, you might even feel like you bruise more too.

Characteristics of couperose skin: 

1. Capillaries can be seen on the cheeks and nose.

2. Red patches on the face, neck and décolleté.

3. Uneven and blotchy skin tone.

4. Sensitive skin prone to irritations.

5. Skin is dry and feels tight.

How to avoid reactions: 

The best news is that couperose skin reactions can usually be avoided. Take the advice below and you’re on your way to beautiful, healthy skin:

1. Watch Your Foods: 

Some common factors that can aggravate this condition include spicy foods and alcohol.

2. Stay Healthy:

Doctors suggest moderate exercise to improve circulation and supplements such as vitamins E, B2 and C which all can strengthen our capillaries.

3. Know What To Avoid:

Make it a habit to avoid hot water, steam, and harsh exfoliating scrubs. They can aggravate sensitive redhead skin causing those unsightly broken capillaries.

4. The Sun:

Many redheads avoid the sun anyway, but over-exposure can not only cause a sunburn but cause your skin to become irritated. Wear sunscreen, hats and stay in the shade and out of the heat.

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With a little extra care and vigilance, we redheads can keep our delicate skin healthy and beautiful.

Rock it like a Redhead! 



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