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How Redheads Can Layer SPF & Stop Sunscreen Pilling

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Layering sunscreen with makeup or skincare is the perfect way to get sun protection and gorgeous redhead skin. But, sometimes it can leave your face a pilly mess if you don’t apply it properly. Here’s how to keep your sunscreen from pilling when layering with other products. 

1. Reduce the number of products

The more products you use, the more likely you are to get pilling. Try reducing pilling by using fewer products. You can achieve this by using multi-use products like a tinted SPF instead of both a sunscreen and a foundation. 

2. Skip the powder products

Mixing liquid/cream and powder products can create texture issues. When applying liquid SPF over your makeup, skip the powder products and opt for liquid ones instead. 

3. Allow drying time

Let each product dry for a few minutes before applying the next one. Your skincare should be dried down and not tacky to the touch, and your foundation should be fully set before applying SPF.

4. Tap instead of rubbing

When applying sunscreen, it’s tempting to just rub it on. When applying to your face, try tapping it on instead to reduce pilling. 

5. Remember to exfoliate

Pilling can be caused by a number of things, and one of those is excess build-up on the skin. Remember to exfoliate regularly so you have a clean slate. 

6. Try dermaplaning

If you want to take your exfoliating and skin prep one step further, try dermaplaning for a smooth, soft surface to apply your products. 

7. Layer carefully

Mixing oil or silicone-based products with water-based products can cause pilling, so stick to one base type to avoid pilling. 

8. Make sure your sunscreen isn’t expired

VIP! Expired sunscreen can turn grainy, watery, or even change color. Sunscreens can also degrade if stored in a hot place like your car door or in the sun by the pool. If you believe your sunscreen has gone bad due to heat exposure or it’s expired, it’s time to chuck it in the garbage and get a new bottle.

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