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6 Tips For Getting a Dewy Redhead Makeup Look

Get Glowy This Season!

We love a dewy makeup look for spring and summer, so here are six tried-and-true tips for getting a perfect dewy look when you do your redhead makeup.

Opt for a dewy finish foundation

There is a wide range of foundation finishes you can use. Opt for one with a more luminous finish and stay away from anything that is matte. Alternatively, you can use a tinted moisturizer or CC cream to help achieve light coverage. 

Add some oil

This is a great tip if your skin is more on the dry side. Adding a few drops of oil to your foundation or even tapping some oil on after your foundation has been applied will help you get a nice glow. Just be cautious to test this out a few times so you can get the ratio right and ensure there’s no separation. 

Wet your beauty blender 

Every time you use your beauty blender, you should wash it with a gentle soap to remove any dirt or old makeup. Pat dry but keep it moist. You will notice a glow when you apply your foundation this way.

Find a good highlighter

Highlighter is intended to brighten up the face and give you a glow. Using the right highlighter can really change your makeup look. For a clean, dewy complexion, opt for something close to your skin tone. 

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Skip the setting powder

Setting powder is made to stop any shine from showing through. So, if you’re wanting a dewy glow, setting powder or any foundation powder products should not be used. Either apply setting powder only where necessary or skip it altogether and apply a setting spray instead. 

Opt for cream products

Since we know powder products give us the opposite effect we want, opt for cream products instead. Cream contour, blush, and eye products can all help leave your skin glowy and dewy. 

Rock it like a Redhead!