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Multipurpose Makeup Guaranteed to Simplify Your Redhead Makeup Routine

Make the most out of your beauty bag, redheads!

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Having redhead-approved makeup products that pull double duty in your routine can be a money saver, a space saver, and a time saver. Multi-use products are perfect for when you’re traveling and don’t want to bring your full kit, or when you’re doing your makeup on the go. Multi-use products can also be a lifesaver for when you run out of your favorite items, and knowing you can save time and money with a ‘Redhead Friendly’ stamp of approval is always a win-win.

Check out these genius ways to get the most out of your redhead makeup routine

1. Bronzer: For Cheeks + Eyeshadow

Using bronzer as eyeshadow allows you to use fewer products, and it helps your look be cohesive. Swipe a little bronzer on the lid as a base for your eye look, or wear it alone for a more natural look. Plus, this works with both cream and powder bronzers!

‘Redhead Friendly’ Recommendation: Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer | Becca Cosmetics Sunlit Bronzer




2. Dual Power: Lip & Cheek Tint

Bring some color to your face with a dual lip and cheek tint. The blush colors that blend naturally on your cheeks will also look great on your lips for a simple lip look.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Recommendation: ILIA Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment | Milk Makeup Mini Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Stick




3. Highlighter: Wherever the sun hits the skin & inner eye eyeshadow

The pearlescent color you love to pop on the center of the lid and the inner eye can be achieved with highlighter! Use either a cream or powder highlighter and get a seriously gorgeous glowy look. Then, apply the highlighter where the sun hits your face: cheekbones, base of nose and top of eyebrows.

Redheads Recommend: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Highlighter | Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls Highlighter



3. Clear Mascara: For Brows + Mascara 

Tame your redhead eyebrows while adding some length to your lashes. Clear gel is perfect for a no-makeup makeup look and it’s a beauty bag staple for taming those brows.

Redheads Recommend: Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara | CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara



3. Double-Edged Contour & Concealer Stick 

A double-edged contour/concealer is the ultimate in multi-use products. Swipe on some definition with one end and then carve out the details with the other.

Redheads Recommend: NYX Wonder Stick


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Rock it like a Redhead!