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6 Spring Break Skincare Must-Haves for Redheads

Don't forget these items when you pack your bag!

Woohoo! It’s time for spring break, and if you’re headed on a warm-weather vacation, there are a few redhead skincare must-haves you don’t want to forget.

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1. Waterproof sunscreen

The most important skincare essential is your sunscreen. If you plan to be out in the heat and in the water, make sure it’s waterproof. Sunscreen will help you to avoid sunburn and decrease your chances of skin damage. 

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2. Facial moisturizer with SPF

In addition to keeping your body protected, you want to keep your face protected. Pick a good facial SPF that isn’t greasy and won’t break you out. Layer it under your makeup or wear it alone. 

3. Lip balm with SPF

Keep your lips nice and soft while protecting them from the sun with a lip balm that has SPF. Lip sunburn can be very painful and damaging to your skin.

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4. Tanning drops

With all this SPF you probably won’t get much color, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your glow on. Tanning drops are perfect for giving you a little spring break tan that’s natural-looking and subtle.

5. Micellar water

It’s important to cleanse your face after spending time in the water, so bring along some micellar water. You can use it to wipe away the day’s dirt and grime, remove makeup or just give yourself a little refresh.

6. Body lotion

Spending time in the sun and water will leave your skin dried out. Be sure to lather up with a body lotion each evening so your skin stays nice and soft day after day. 

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