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Redhead Skin Tips: How To Keep Your Hands and Feet Soft This Winter

Don't Let the Winter Weather Leave Your Hands and Feet Dry!

Redhead skin commonly suffers from dryness during the colder months of the year. This dryness can cause cracking and discomfort, especially on the feet. Here are a few tips for keeping your hands and feet soft and healthy this winter

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Gently exfoliate

As you feel the dryness coming on, keep your hands and feet soft and smooth by gently exfoliating them. Exfoliating gloves are great for doing a nice gentle exfoliation, or you could try an exfoliating wash. Be sure to focus on tough spots, like the heels of your feet.

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Moisturize…a lot!

Keep hands and feet nice and soft by moisturizing regularly. With flu season happening, you’ll probably be washing your hands more often, so lather up after every wash and moisturize your feet after every bath or shower. If you need a deep moisturizing reset, try lathering up with your favorite hand and foot cream before bed, and popping on some socks and lightweight gloves. 

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Do a mask

For extra hydration, try doing a hand or foot mask. You can find masks that will nourish and soften the skin and even help to remove excess dead skin from your feet so they look nice and fresh. 

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Keep them covered 

Since we know dry air is the culprit for dry hands and feet, try to keep them covered when out in cold areas. You probably won’t be outdoors barefoot in the winter so no need to worry there, but just make sure you have gloves to keep your hands protected. 

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Rock it like a Redhead!