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5 Tips to Quickly Heal Skin After a Sunburn

What Happens After a Burn?

Wearing sunscreen and using proper sun protection can help prevent sunburns, but sometimes they still happen. If you do get a sunburn, it’s important you take care of your skin and allow it to heal. Allowing sunburnt skin to heal properly will reduce pain, permanent damage to the skin, and the risk of scarring. Here’s how you can help care for your redhead skin post sunburn.

1. Relieve your pain

Sunburns can be painful, so it’s important you take steps to ease the pain so you are not put in more discomfort. Cool baths, pain medication, and soothing skin ointments can help to alleviate pain and swelling caused by a burn. 

2. Keep skin hydrated

To help speed up the healing of your sunburned skin, you want to keep the skin hydrated. Opt for a moisturizer that is fragrance-free and good for sensitive skin, and find one with aloe to help soothe the skin. It’s also important to drink plenty of water.

3. Keep skin safe

Once you have a sunburn, it can be tempting to head back outside because the damage is already done. The best way to heal your burnt skin is to double down on sun protection by covering up, staying in the shade, or staying inside until your burn has healed. Your burn can get worse, and being out in the sun will only irritate the skin.

4. Be gentle on your redhead skin

Sunburned skin often peels, and it can be tempting to touch the skin or even pick it off. Avoid touching your burn and just let the process happen. Additionally, if your skin blisters, don’t pop or pick at them. Keep any exposed or raw skin clean and protected. Don’t exfoliate and wear soft clothes that won’t be rough against the burn. 

5. Healing takes time 

You can use ointments and burn gels and take a million cold bathes but once the skin has been burnt, only time will heal it. Be patient with your skin while doing everything you can to help it along. The burn will eventually go away and hopefully, you will take more precautions or be aware of what led to the burn to try and avoid it next time. 

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