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The Best Age to Start a Regular Redhead Skincare Routine

It's Never to Early for Skincare!

Skincare is extremely important for redheads, so if you’re a parent raising a redhead kid or reading this a tween/teen yourself, listen up! It can be hard to know when to start redhead skincare practices. Well, we’ve got answers: 

Sun protection & SPF

The most important part of skincare for redheads is proper protection from the sun. Redheads are far more likely to burn, get sun damage and develop skin cancer. This means it’s vital to understand redheads need to protect their skin from the sun from the very first day they’re born. 

Small babies should be kept out of the sun under shade and wear protective clothing, toddlers and children should have limited direct sun exposure and sunscreen should always be used. Look for a kid-friendly option with menial chemicals so it’s safe for their skin. Kids and teens should use proper sun protection and avoid getting sunburns. Teens should also stay away from tanning beds. 

Moisturizing & hydration

All mothers know it’s important to keep their baby’s skin nice and hydrated. As they get older they can start to manage some of their skincare on their own. Redheads kids should moisturize both the face and body after bathing to keep skin soft. 

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Exfoliating & acne treatment

In their teen years, redheads may begin to develop skin problems as many kids do. Redheads tend to have more sensitive skin than those with other hair colors, so be sure to get gentle products for exfoliation and acne treatment.  

Everything else

Besides that, there’s not much for you to worry about with your redhead kiddos. The best thing redheads can do is develop their own skincare routines in their teens and twenties to make smart choices about their skin. 

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