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When Should Redheads Start Worrying About Anti-Aging?

Simple anti-aging tips depending on your age bracket:

Our redhead skin starts to show signs of age primarily in our 30s and 40s, but at what point do we actually need to start focusing on anti-aging? Well, the best time is now. The longer you wait, the more likely you will have premature signs of aging. That doesn’t mean you need to run out and get botox in your teens or even 20s, but it is good to start thinking about your skin as early as possible.

Here are anti-aging tips no matter what age bracket you’re in:

Best Anti-Aging Practices in Your Teens

The best ways to keep your skin youthful in your teens is to use sunscreen, minimize sun exposure, and drink plenty of water. Other than that your skin is going through enough changes in your teens, don’t worry too much about anti-aging. 

Best Anti-Aging Practices in Your 20s

Once you hit your twenties, you will want to add a few more preventative measures to your skincare routine. Keep using SPF and drinking water, but maybe it’s time to add an eye cream and a heavy moisturizer and exfoliate regularly. 

Best Anti-Aging Practices in Your 30s

This is when you really want to double down on anti-aging products. Waiting too long means more signs of aging on the skin, in your 30s your skin is still youthful enough to really make a difference. Try adding things like retinoids and face peels into your routine. If you think you want botox or any other skin treatment, this is a great time to speak with your dermatologist or doctor. 

Best Anti Aging Practices in Your 40s and Beyond

Keep up all your anti-aging treatments, and make sure you’re using products that target fine lines and wrinkles. Use plenty of SPF and add an extra layer of sun protection like a hat. As we age the skin begins to thin and you may notice more sun damage or sunspots. It’s also best to start seeing a dermatologist regularly if you aren’t already.

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