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5 Tips For More Defined Redhead Brows Without Waxing or Plucking

Get a Sharp, Defined Brow

Updated: November 2nd, 2023

There are a lot of different eyebrow shapes, and most of us naturally have a softer arch. When you see more defined brows on models and celebs, that’s usually the result of brow shaping, microblading, and makeup. For redheads who want a more defined brow, you’re in luck! Having light brows leaves lots of room to create your dream brow.

If you have thicker or fuller brows it’s easy to shape your brow into an arch by removing excess hairs, but if you have thin or sparse brows you really don’t have any hairs to spare. Here’s how you can get a more defined brow without waxing or plucking those precious hairs. 

1. Trim Your Brows

Like a haircut, you can cut your brows to have a more defined edge. Using small scissors and spoolie you will want to brush the hairs upward and trim off just a bit. This can help to define the edge of the brow and make it look sharper. 

2. Use an Angled Brush with Your Brow Gel

We love tinted brow gel for making light brows defined and tamed. It’s easy to brush on and head out the door. But, if you have a few more minutes and want your makeup a bit more dramatic, try dipping an angled brush into your brow gel and carving out the shape of the brow. Then, use your brow gel to fill in the middle. It’s a great professional tip all redheads can accomplish. 

3. Try Using a Fine Line Pencil

An alternative to using an angled brush is to use an ultra-fine pencil. You can create that outline for your brow as well as fill in any sparse areas. Unlike brow gel, the pencil will adhere to the skin leaving you with a natural-looking color in any areas you’re missing it. 

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4. Use Brow Wax

Brow gel is great at locking the hairs in place, but if you like a high and tight brow you might find that brow wax helps you achieve that sculpted look for longer. 

5. Carve Out with Concealer

Using makeup to carve out the brow is a trick as old as youtube makeup videos. Apply some concealer with an angled brush under the brow to carve out the bottom and make it sharp. 


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