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5 DIY Ways to Darken Your Redhead Brows in a Pinch

No Finally Have Brows on hand? We've got you covered!

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Updated: November 2nd, 2023

We love brow gel and redhead eyebrow products so much that we made our own called Finally Have Brows, but what happens when you run out or you forget your favorite brow gel at home? Here are 5 DIY ways to darken your brows in a pinch.

1. Eyeshadow 

If you’ve got some of your makeup but not your redhead brow gel, you can try using a reddish-brown or light brown eyeshadow to fill in your brows. It’s even better if you have an eyeshadow palette with a mix of different reds and light brows so you can make your own custom shade.

Tip: If you mix in a little oil or aloe vera to the powder it will make a cream and this will apply beautifully to your brows.

If you’ve got a cream shadow, apply it with a small angled brush or a spoolie.

Set your DIY brow look with a setting spray, brow wax, or clear mascara. 

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2. Bronzer

Like eyeshadow, you can use bronzer to help darken light brows. For cream or liquid bronzer, apply with an angled brush or spoolie. For powder bronzer, mix with a little oil or aloe vera for a creamy consistency, and then set with setting spray, brow wax, or clear mascara. 

If possible, opt for a bronzer without glitter.


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3. Brown mascara

If you have brown mascara, you can use that to darken your brows. You don’t want to go straight in with the mascara brush because you’ll get way too much product, so instead transfer a small amount to a clean surface and apply lightly to the brow with a clean spoolie or angled brush.

4. Coffee or cocoa

For a truly DIY darkening solution, try mixing a little finely ground coffee or cocoa powder in with some oil or aloe vera to create a cream. Brush it on with a clean spoolie to apply. This solution is just a temporary fix and will probably only last a few hours. Set with clear mascara if you have it. 

5. Clear brow wax / clear mascara or aloe vera

Using a clear product won’t add much color, but it will define the brow and give you a little color while making it look neat and clean. Apply with a clean spoolie and brush the brows into place. 

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