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Redheads Are Ditching Microblading For This

Spoiler: It's Finally Have Brows®!

Let’s face it, the redhead brow struggle is real. Having light and/or sparse eyebrows can leave your face feeling empty and even a little washed out. Brows frame the face and the eyes, enhancing your overall look. Microblading might seem like a good option, but it’s expensive, time-consuming, and has to be touched up regularly. Instead of shelling out all that money, here’s what you can do instead:

Add Natural-Looking Color:

Get a natural-looking brow color with the Finally Have Brows® Universal Red color. Available in Volumizing and Longwearing formulas, it’s the perfect way to add color to your light brows. It can also help to tame brows while styling. 

Finally Have Brows®

Fill in sparse areas:

For sparse brows, the Finally Have Brows® Ultra Fine Brow Pencil is a MUST. It helps fill in sparse areas and make your brows look fuller, thicker, and more even. Its Universal Red shade can be paired with any other Finally Have Brows® product for the complete brow look. This product is also perfect if you’re a redhead who tints their brows but has sparse areas that need filling in. 

Finally Have Brows® Ultra Fine Brow Pencil

Tame and lock in place:

A pro of microblading is your brows are always locked into one place, but this can make it hard to adjust your brow style. Instead, tame and lock in your brows with either the tinted brow gel collection or the Finally Have Brows® Clear Brow Gel. 

Finally Have Brows® Clear Brow Gel

You don’t need an expensive brow treatment to get the brows of your dreams. Finally Have Brows® was made for redheads by redheads because we know the struggle! Say “bye-bye” to light, sparse, or unruly brows and “hello” to gorgeous, natural-looking redhead brows you can do in seconds.

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Rock it like a Redhead!


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Rock it like a Redhead!