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All About The “Clear” Brow Hairs Redheads Might Be Experiencing

Is there anything we can do about it?

Ever noticed you may have many “clear” hairs around your redhead brows? If you’re anything like us, it took us seeing a photo to say, “Ohhhhhh, now we get it. Yes, of course.” They are the tiny, tiny hairs usually at the top by your brow arch and right above your eye fold.

One Reddit user in r/Makeup Addiction noticed and wanted to know if other redheads or natural blondes had the same problem. Many people stated they did have clear brow hairs, and even those with naturally darker eyebrows reported having these little hairs, too. 

What are they really called? 

They are known as “vellus hairs”, more commonly known as peach fuzz, and are defined as fine, short hairs that grow all over the body, including the face, stomach, arms, and legs. The hairs around your eyebrows that appear “clear” are the hairs that are somewhere between peach fuzz and brow hairs. That’s why they may appear thicker or more coarse like a brow hair, but have that “clear” peach fuzz coloring — especially on redheads, blondes and some fairer skinned brunettes. 

What can you do about them?

You have a few options. You can leave them alone, which is what many people do, or you can remove them by waxing, dermaplaning, and other forms of brow and facial hair removal. 

Let’s see what other redheads are saying about them

We love exploring all of the positivities about being a redhead. That’s why we think you can also use them to your advantage when reshaping your brows. If you apply a tinted brow gel to them or tint them permanently, you can change the overall shape of your brow to be fuller or more highly arched. Here’s to fuller brows, redheads! Rock it like a Redhead.


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