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Redheads Are Tinting Their Own Eyebrows with Just For Men Dye: I Did It & This Is My Honest Review

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Updated: November 2nd, 2023

Disclaimer: The How to be a Redhead team has not tested this product as redhead-approved. This article is the true opinion of the author. 

Like most redheads, I have very light blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. For a long time, it felt like redhead brow products just didn’t exist, or they were never the right shade. In 2016 I started tinting my eyebrows with Just for Men Beard Dye. I tried several shades of brown and found the shade “Blonde” gave me a pretty-nice-natural-looking color. 

I always wished there was a tint that had more of a red tone to it, and recently Just for Men launched a new color called “Light Red Brown”. Of course, I ordered it immediately and was so excited for my next tinting.

This is when things took a turn…

This shade applied just like all the rest, and I let it sit for my normal 3 minutes (the package says 10, but for brows, I always go for less). When I wiped off the dye, my brows looked darker but good at first glance. They were a little darker than the shade I had been using and there was a red tint to it.

Many don’t know beard dye continues to darken over the next few hours after application. I had never seen much of a difference with the “Blonde” shade, but the new “Light Red Brown” shade darkened A TON in the hours to come. By the next day my brows looked almost black. They did have a subtle red hint but boy, oh-boy. They were dark. 

They did lighten up a little over the next week as they always do. I may have hurried the process along by applying some clarifying shampoo to my brows once a day for a few days, but it took almost a week and a half for my brows to be the color I wanted. 

So, in my honest review? The shade may not be good for all redheads. I may try it again and leave the dye on for maybe just a minute, but I think I will stick to using “Blonde” and will add in a little more red/coverage with products like Finally Have Brows when I need it. 

Have you tried this trend? Did you get a same result?

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What’s next for Finally Have Brows? 

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