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How Redheads Can Heal Skin Irritated After Waxing

Ouch! Nobody Likes Irritated Skin

waxing irriation

If you want hair gone fast and silky smooth skin left behind, waxing is a no-brainer. For sensitive-skinned redheads, waxing often comes with an unfortunate and uncomfortable side effect: irritated skin. Redheads with sensitive skin can become irritated from both soft and hard wax, as well as at-home wax strips. 

Skin irritation from waxing can occur anywhere on the body, but one common area is on the upper eyelid near the brow bone when having the eyebrows waxed. Since facial skin is thinner and more sensitive (also known as couperose skin) than other parts of the body, this area is prone to irritation which can lead to redness, dry patches, and inflammation. 

Skin irritation can be minimized by using soft wax, being gentle, and not over-waxing. Even if all the precautions are taken, sometimes you may still end up with small patches of irritated skin.

Here’s how to heal your redhead skin quickly and effectively if waxing causes irritation: 

1. Keep the area hydrated

The number one way to heal this spot is to keep it hydrated. When waxing, a layer of your skin is actually removed, so the skin underneath is tender, red and may scab over. Keeping it hydrated with moisturizers and repair creams will help it to acclimate quickly without much pain or dryness. 

2. Use anti-inflammatory products + ice

To reduce redness and swelling and help the spot heal, use products that are anti-inflammatory and soothing like aloe, CBD cream, licorice root, and anything with turmeric in it. You can also ice the area to help alleviate redness and swelling. 

3. Don’t pick, pluck or rub the area

If a dry patch begins to form, it can be tempting to want to remove that skin by peeling or rubbing it off. If you’re experiencing redness or irritation in the brow area and you want your eyebrows to look good, you might be tempted to pluck any new or missed hairs. Both of these actions will lead to prolonged redness and irritation, so leave it alone for a few days until it’s healed. 

4. Skip the exfoliants 

Another way people tend to want to remove dryness is by exfoliating. Skip this step in the irritated area until it’s fully healed. Exfoliants will only irritate it more and may lead to the dry patches staying even longer. 

5. Avoid chemicals

Avoid putting anything harsh on the area including things with heavy chemicals, perfumes, and dyes. This means you should tint your brows before you wax them, so you aren’t applying dye directly on the irritated skin. 

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