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Don’t Use These 11 Products If You’re a Redhead With Sensitive Skin

Skip These Products if You Have Sensitive Skin

Redheads are prone to having sensitive skin, which means we have to be careful about the beauty and skincare products we use. Redheads all have varying levels of skin sensitivity, which is why we think it’s best to know what types of products and what ingredients to watch out for. That way, even if something is marked sensitive skin safe, you can check for yourself. 

1. Avoid phthalates & parabens

These two ingredients are becoming less common in makeup and skincare items, but you may still find them. Check the ingredients list, because these two are both no-gos for sensitive skin. 

2. Skip oil-based makeup

If you have sensitive skin that is acne-prone, you want to make sure you avoid oil-based makeup. The oils will clog your pores and leave you with more blemishes to cover.

3. Look out for alcohol

Alcohol is a drying agent, and can often be found in low-quality makeup products. You want to avoid putting anything with alcohol on your face if you have sensitive skin.

4. Avoid unnecessarily scented products

Redheads with sensitive skin are often sensitive to fragrance as well. Skincare and makeup products don’t need to be fragranced to work effectively, so opt for things that are unscented and fragrance-free

5. Be mindful of your setting powder

If you like to set your makeup with powder, be mindful of the ingredients in it. Talc is a very common ingredient in these powders and can cause major skin irritation.

6. Skip budget primer

Budget primers are often chalked full of nasty ingredients that will clog your pores. Opt for something that is sensitive skin safe and contains an AHA like glycolic acid to help exfoliate and hydrate the skin. 

7. Not All SPF is sensitive-skin safe

Chemical sunscreens can be irritating for those with sensitive skin. Opt for both facial sunscreen and foundation with SPF that is mineral-based and contains zinc oxide. 

8. Say no to essential oils

Products scented with essential oils can smell delightful, but they can actually be very irritating to sensitive skin. This is another reminder to just opt for unscented or fragrance-free. 

9. Watch out for dyes

Colored products like eyeshadow and blush can have dyes in them. This dye can be irritating to sensitive skin. If you have a dye sensitivity, opt for products with plant-based coloring instead.

10. Simple ingredients are best

At the end of the day, the ideal makeup and skincare products for sensitive skin are going to be dye-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, fragrance-free, talc-free, phthalate-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Not sure if a product is safe for your sensitive skin? Spot test it, ask your dermatologist or look up the ingredients online to see if you notice any red flags.

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