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Why Using Moisturizer Before Makeup is a Must for Redheads

Are You Missing This Essential Step?

sensitive redhead skin

If you’re a redhead with sensitive skin, you may have gone through a stage where you were afraid of applying anything to you skin —  including moisturizer. You may have eventually realized if there is *one* thing sensitive skin needs, it is moisturizer. 

Have you ever wondered why makeup artists always moisturize before beginning makeup application? You might think primer is all the base you need, but moisturizing is essential for flawless-looking makeup.

It’s also essential for redhead skin in general. Here’s why: 

1. Smoothes the skin

Moisturizer helps your skin be soft, smooth, and hydrated. When you’re applying makeup that’s the base you want. Moisturizer will help to even the playing field and neutralize any dry spots that may be lingering on the skin. 

2. Helps makeup distribute evenly

Even with a primer, makeup applied to a dry face can appear cakey and splotchy. Making sure you’re moisturized beforehand will help the makeup apply more easily and more evenly across the face. 

3. Gives you a glow

Dry skin is dull skin, and everyone wants a nice glow. Having moisturizer under your makeup will give you a nice healthy glow even if you’re using matte products.

4. Your makeup will last longer 

Both moisturizer and primer will help your makeup last longer. Instead of sinking into the skin immediately, it provides a silky barrier for your makeup to rest upon and the makeup will melt slowly into your face giving you a longer-lasting and more natural look

5. Helps your skin with irritation and inflammation

Moisturizing can help by improving hydration, reducing irritation, and restoring the skin’s outer layer.


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