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4 Things You Might Be Super Sensitive To As A Redhead

You might be extra sensitive to these items and not even realize it!

Did you know that redheads naturally have more sensitive skin than those with other hair colors? It’s because of the redhead gene called the MC1R and redheads usually have thinner skin than most.

Here are four everyday things you might be more sensitive to because of the color of your hair and sensitivity of your skin:

1. Laundry Essentials

Because we have more sensitive skin, we can be easily affected by what we put on our skin. This means you may be more sensitive to strongly scented laundry detergents, dryer sheets, and even bleach. Not all redheads are affected by this, but if you find that you are, try using hypoallergenic laundry soap and swapping your dryer sheets for wool dryer balls

2. Skincare Products

One of the biggest sensitivities redheads face is with skincare. Products that have dyes, fragrances, and strong chemicals can often lead to breakouts, rashes, and uneven skin tone. Use products specifically designed for sensitive skin, or those that have been dermatologist-approved. When trying out new skincare, try one product at a time so you know how your skin will react. Make sure to always check out the SKIN section of to see what is redhead-approved and recommended . 

3. Waxes, Dermaplaning and Exfoliants

Have you ever gone for a wax and wound up with super red skin that felt sensitive to the touch? This is probably because your waxer used a hard wax that ripped off a bit of the skin. Redheads tend to need a more gentle touch when it comes to waxing, dermaplaning and exfoliating

4. Scented Products

As discussed with laundry items and skincare, heavily scented items can be a killer on redheads’ skin. This applies to things like soaps, lotions, tanning oils, and perfumes as well. For the most part, a few scented things should be fine, but if all your products are scented you might find your skin reacting badly. Opt for unscented where you can and always test out a product alone before combining it with other scented products. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Rock it like a Redhead!