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How to Determine Your Redhead Skin Type

Which Skin Type Are You?

Redheads, knowing your skin type can be extremely helpful for buying skincare products because each type of skin needs something different. Additionally, it can be helpful when buying ‘Redhead Friendly’ makeup, because the type of skin you have may determine how your makeup sits on the skin, what type of setting you need to do, and what products to avoid.

Here are a few ways to help you determine your redhead skin type:

The 5 Skin Types

1. Normal Skin

Your skin shouldn’t feel like it’s too oily or dry. Normal skin is usually not prone to breakout and you will have minimal texture to your skin.

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2. Oily Skin

If you notice a lot of excess oils on your skin, you may have an oily skin type. Your face may often appear greasy or shiny even when washed. Oily skin may also be prone to breakouts. 

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3. Dry Skin

If you notice your skin is feeling tight and dry, or you see flakes of skin appearing around your face, you may have dry skin. Your skin may feel itchy or red. 

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4. Combination Skin

If your skin is dry in some spots and oily in others, you may have combination skin. Typically you will see the oils around your T zone, but your cheeks may be on the drier side. 

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5. Sensitive Skin

Most redheads have sensitive skin, which means your skin may react negatively to things that are fragranced, contain dyes or are highly exfoliating. Sensitive skin can also be combined with any of the other types of skin.  

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Try one of these tests to find your skin type: 

1. Watch Test: One way to determine your skin type is to simply watch it in its normal state. Try washing your face and then letting it dry for about 30 minutes. Don’t apply moisturizer or any other products. You will most likely start to see if there are dry or oily areas. 

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2. Blot Test: If you believe you may have oily skin, you can try using oil blot sheets. Simply press the sheets against clean skin and see how much oil comes away with the sheet. 

3. Online Test: There are lots of online tests you can perform that will help you determine your skin type just by answering a few questions. 

4. Dermatologist Test: If you’re struggling with determining your skin type and are having trouble with finding products to help combat your skin concerns, try visiting a dermatologist for a more in-depth diagnosis. 

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