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5 Things Redheads Should Know Before a Wax Appointment

Plan Properly for Your Wax!

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Waxing is a quick, easy and effective way to remove unwanted body hair. Waxing can be used all over the body and will give you longer-lasting results than shaving. Before you head to get waxed, here are a few things redheads should know. 

1. You will have to get the hair grow out before your appointment 

In order to get a wax, you will have to let the hair grow out. A good rule of thumb is about ¼ of an inch for body hair. For brows and other facial hair, it can be shorter, but you will need some length for the wax to grab onto. 

2. Always wax before you sunless tan

As redheads, we usually can’t get a natural tan, so we have to rely on a fake tan to give us our glow. Remember to always book your wax appointment a few days before your tan, otherwise, you could end up splotchy.

3. It will hurt. 

Waxing isn’t super painful, but it does hurt so consider your pain tolerance before heading into the salon. A professional waxer will be fast and efficient so the pain won’t last long. Beauty is pain, right? 

4. Sensitive skin doesn’t always react well to wax

Probably the most important thing for redheads to know before getting waxed is sensitive skin doesn’t always take kindly to wax. Waxing is rough on the skin, and hard wax can often cause lots of redness and tender spots. You can talk to your waxer about having sensitive skin and they may have an option for you. Lots of redheads prefer a soft wax because it’s a little more gentle. 

5. Aftercare is essential 

Caring for your skin after a wax is vital. You should stay out of the sun, avoid swimming, skip the exfoliants and be gentle with your skin for the first 24-48 hours. If it’s your first time getting waxed, be sure to ask your waxer for aftercare instructions. 


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