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Shaving vs Waxing: What’s Best for Redheads?

We spoke to the experts. What is best for you?

Updated: June 21, 2021

We know there are other forms of hair removal, but what happens when the only options are shaving or waxing? What is best for a redhead’s skin? We spoke with Cassandra Buzis of the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics (NIMA) in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is one of the best when it comes to spa procedures and top-notch customer experiences. “If you have sensitive skin, shaving every other day might be a better option because it gives the skin a chance to heal before it is exfoliated again,” said Cassandra. “Waxing can also be a good option, but you have to make sure your esthetican uses a sensitive cream based wax.”

However, she asks that all redheads are cautious about which option they choose. “Shaving and waxing are two very different modalities. There is no way to say that one is better than the other. It really depends on personal preference and how much time you have. Both have their pros and cons.”

Cassandra Buzis gives us the pros and cons of each. You decide what is best for you:


1.  “Shaving is always best when you have steamed the skin in the shower. When you enter the shower, lather your hair and body, then rinse and start to condition your hair. When you hair is being conditioned then it is time to shave. The hot steam will open up the follicles and lead to less irritation and ingrown hairs. Shaving is a great option if you want to be silky smooth for the night and maybe the next day. It is not the best option for a long vacation as then hair will grow back fairly quickly.”


2. “My favorite razors are actually made for men. I have used the Mach 5 for years and really like how soft it leaves my skin. The best razors in general are SHARP razors. Once the blade starts to dull you need to throw it away. Also, if you ever nick yourself enough to bleed, you need to throw the razor away. The blades are a breeding ground for bloodborne pathogens and bacteria. A new razor every month is a good starting place.”


3. ” I actually do not recommend shaving cream. It can leave the skin tacky and makes the hair too slippery. I do however recommend Coconut Oil. It will remove the hair right at the base of the skin and also moisturize.”


4. “Waxing can be a great alternative to shaving because it pulls the hair from the root leaving less stubble. Although, if you are a virgin waxer it might take a couple of treatments before your skin is silky smooth. Hair grows in cycles, so not every hair is targeted in one session. After you have waxed at least 4 times you will notice the hair will be thinner and softer and will also grow back slower. Waxing is a great option for vacations.”

5. “Waxing doesn’t have to be painful. A lot of the pain can come from poor technique and poor pre-care. Always make sure skin is well hydrated and moisturized. Think of your hair as a weed. It is much easier to pull the weed out from the roots when you water the ground before you pull. Also do not over exfoliate the skin before your appointment. Wax has the ability to remove up to 5 layers of dead skin. If you exfoliate right before your treatment the wax will remove too much. There are also numbing creams and sprays that can be used.”

6.  “I prefer to use a honey or resin based wax on the body. This wax is also known as strip wax or soft wax. On the face I recommend cream based waxes and hard wax because of its non-irritating ingredients and because it is less likely to over exfoliate the skin. Brand wise I like are Cirepil and Amber.”

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