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5 Reasons Every Redhead Should Use Coconut Oil

Redheads, there are many benefits to using coconut oil on your red hair. This magical kitchen staple has protein structures that closely mimic that of our hair and skin. This means we’re able to lend protein to our hair and help restore it to a certain extent. It also has moisturizing properties which help keep hair moisture balanced; which can add elasticity and reduce frizz.

We talked with hairstylist and redhead, Jessica Lazarus, about the many other benefits of coconut oil and why it’s a great choice for women with red hair:

1. Helps Get Rid of Product Build Up

Although coconut oil feels heavy and greasy to the touch, it has a low molecular weight which allows it to penetrate the hair without leaving a greasy or heavy build-up. Coconut oil actually has antimicrobial properties so it can have a gentle cleansing effect to clear product build-up.

2. Look for Organic and All-Natural

When buying coconut oil, do not be concerned so much with the brand, but look for all-natural ingredients. Make sure the coconut oil is organic and cold-pressed.

3. Gently Heat

It’s important to gently heat coconut oil. Too much heat can result in the product being less beneficial.

4. Use The Right Oil for Your Hair

Coconut oil comes in a semi-solid (solid at room temp but liquid when gently heated) and liquid. I used the semi-solid kind but that is my preference. It melts with body heat so it isn’t hard to work with at all.”

5. Perfect for Any Hair Type

Any hair type can benefit from coconut oil. I think that people with fine hair will see that when using as a deep conditioning treatment that is washed out, it will provide body which is not at all like other deep treatments. People with more coarse, frizzy hair will want to also think of using coconut oil as a leave-in smoothing treatment. It is beneficial for absolutely all hair types.”

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