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How To Prep Your Redhead Skin for Swimsuit Season

Most important prep this summer: Love your complexion, your scars, your freckles, and your stretch marks.

Redheads, summer is here and that means it’s swimsuit season! Prepping your redhead skin for swimsuit season is a great way to look and feel your best this summer. Here are a few tips on prepping your redhead skin — from head to toe — for the upcoming summer months ahead: 

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 

Healthy redhead skin starts with a healthy body, so be sure to stay hydrated this summer. Increasing your water intake will help with your complexion, the softness of your skin, and even blemishes. It’s recommended that we drink at least 64 oz of water every single day, but in the heat, it’s important to drink even more to stay hydrated.

2. Exfoliate away impurities

Sluff off the cold of winter by exfoliating your skin. Exfoliated skin is softer, looks more subtle, and holds makeup and skincare products better. Exfoliating from head to toe is important for gorgeous summer skin! Try PCA SKIN Daily Exfoliant on your face and Brown Sugar Body Scrub on your body. 

Looking for more tips on safely exfoliating? Check out this article


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3. Wax or shave body hair

If you choose to remove body hair during the summer months, it’s good to get into a routine of shaving or waxing so you’re always ready to take on the day. If shaving is your hair removal method of choice, opt for a razor that works well on sensitive skin and never use a dull blade. Try a nickel-free razor if you experience redness or bumps after shaving. If waxing is more your cup of tea, be sure to tell your waxer if you have sensitive skin (most redheads do) so they can use the proper wax. Try hard wax rather than strips. And, if waxing isn’t your thing, try sugaring

4. Moisturize everything

In addition to keeping your body hydrated from the inside, it’s important to hydrate skin from the outside using a moisturizer for the body and face. Opt for heavier body lotions and facial creams at night after showering to penetrate the skin for maximum moisture. Choose lighter creams with SPF during the day for max sun protection.


The most important thing you can do this summer is invest in a good sunscreen. It’s a good idea to apply sunscreen at home, after shaving/moisturizing, and reapply when you’re actually out in the sun. See our top-rated sunscreens for redheads this summer!

6. Love yourself

Part of being ready for swimsuit season is feeling confident in your redhead skin. This summer, love your complexion, your scars, your freckles, and your stretch marks. Our bodies are beautiful and powerful and every body is a bikini body! 

Rock it like a Redhead!

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