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6 Reasons Your Redhead Skin is Irritated After Shaving

Say Goodbye to Skin Irritation

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of silky soft skin after you shave, but what about when you get those nasty little red bumps and uncontrollable itching? Shaving irritation is common, especially in those who have sensitive skin like us redheads. Here are 6 reasons your skin might irritate after you’ve shaved. 

1. You have a nickel allergy

Did you know lots of redheads are allergic to nickel? Using a razor made of nickel when you’ve got a nickel allergy is a surefire way to get irritation. 

2. You’re not replacing your razor enough

A dull or dirty razor blade is another reason you might be having irritation. You should change your razor every 5-7 shaves, and always rinse your razor after use. 

3. You’re using the wrong razor 

Aside from nickel, there are other things you should look for when shopping for a razor. Because redheads have sensitive skin you want to make sure it has plenty of blades, good lubrication, and is sensitive skin safe. 

4. Your skin isn’t lubricated when shaving

Your razor usually has a lubricating strip on it, which helps the blade to glide, but this isn’t enough. Make sure your skin is wet, dry shaving causes irritation, and make sure you’re using shaving cream or soap that provides ample glide. In a pinch? Try using conditioner! 

5. You are shaving too often

We all want smooth skin, but shaving too much could be the cause of your irritation. Instead of shaving every day, try shaving every other day to help reduce irritation

6. Your skin isn’t moisturized after shaving 

Many of us don’t want to take the steps needed to moisturize our legs and body after showering. But, shaving dry skin is a main reason why you may experience shaving irritation. Make sure to spend a few minutes moisturizing your legs after time in the shower. If you do this for 1-2 weeks, you will see a big difference the next time you go to shave.

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