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5 Redhead-Specific Tricks For The Smoothest Legs Ever

Get Silky Soft Legs for Springtime

Warmer weather means it’s time to break out the dresses, skirts, and shorts and you’ll want silky soft legs when you do. Here are some redhead-specific tips on how to get softer, smoother legs:

Exfoliate before shaving

Redheads usually have very sensitive skin exfoliation can be a game changer. Removing the dead skin and dirt from your legs will help you get a closer shave and leave skin soft and healthy-looking. Use exfoliating gloves or an exfoliating scrub before shaving. 

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Apply a lubricant before shaving

Your razor needs a little help gliding across the skin. Redheads have thinner skin and a lubricating product like soap, body wash, or shaving cream can help it along without irritating the skin. This will reduce the risk of cuts and razor bumps.

Use a new, high-quality nickel-free blade

Did you know redheads are usually allergic to nickel? It’s true. If you’ve ever experienced extreme itching after you shave, you might be allergic. The razor you use will have a lot to do with how nice of a shave you get. Don’t use your razors for too long, and always use a high-quality razor

Apply oils after shaving

Aftershave oils are great for locking moisture and helping you get silky smooth legs. Aftershave oil can also help prevent any irritation caused by shaving and it will leave you with a non-greasy shine. 

Keep skin hydrated

Just like your body and face, apply moisturizer and keep your legs hydrated. 

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Rock it like a Redhead!