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Reddit Thread: Is It Common for Redheads to Have Darker Brows?

We Polled the H2BAR IG Community!

We talk a lot about how a common struggle for redheads is having light, almost transparent eyebrows and eyelashes. Recently, we came across an interesting Reddit post that talked about the opposite. “How common is it for redheads to have darker eyebrows?” was posted in the SubReddit called r/Redhair. The post reads, “Such as brown or auburn colored eyebrows, with orange/red head hair. How often does it occur (naturally)? I know the usual stereotype is of redheads having blonde or clear eyebrows but is this just another stereotype without proper basis or is it based on an actual majority?”

Redheads in the comments sounded off saying that many of them also have brown/dark brows and lashes, while many say they have the stereotypical blonde eyebrows. 

We were curious to know more, so we even asked our own redhead community on Instagram. Of the almost 800 redheads who were polled:

22% reported having brows that were darker than their natural hair color

63% reported having brows that were lighter than their hair color and/or lighter/“almost transparent” brows

15% said their brows were about the same color as their natural hair

While it seems that it’s more common for redheads to have lighter brows, it’s not extremely uncommon for natural redheads to have brown/dark brows. Genetics are funny, and it’s interesting how we can all carry the same gene but our red hair can be different shades and our brows and lashes can vary.

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