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How To Use Concealer To Achieve Perfect Redhead Brows

3 easy steps!

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Concealer is a must-have ‘redhead friendly’ makeup product. It hides dark circles, age spots and blemishes. But did you know this brightening product can also act as a highlighter to create perfect redhead brows?

Redhead Tip: This beauty trick works best when eyebrows are either tweezed, waxed or threaded to create the perfect shape. Concealer works best on clean skin.

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Step 1:

After filling in your redhead brows with your favorite brow gel, pomade or pencil, apply a dab or two of your concealer on an angled eyebrow brush or damp beauty blender (using the pointy part).

Redhead Tip: If you have dark circles, invest in a peachy color corrector.

Step 2:

Go underneath and above the brow with your concealer brush, getting as close to the edge of your brows as possible.

Step 3:

Don’t forget to blend with your spoolie brush. This will create a crisp, neat look that’ll make your brows pop.

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