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The 5 Biggest Eyebrow Mistakes Redheads Need to Stop Making

Don't Make These Redhead Brow Mistakes Anymore

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If you’re a natural redhead, you might have blonde, light brown or dark brown brows. Most of us have blonde/transparent brows. No matter the shade, here are a few common eyebrow mistakes we all make. Here are some of the ones you might be making and how to fix them: 

Stop matching brows exactly with your red hair

Since redheads don’t have naturally red brows, we have to tint them or wear makeup to make them darker. One mistake many redheads make is trying to exactly match brows to your red hair. Realistically, most people’s brows don’t match their hair perfectly, so by doing this you make your appearance less-natural looking. If you’re tinting, try using a “blonde” color or a warm brown. When applying makeup, use a warm auburn shade, but don’t go anything bright orange or too red. For a perfect match, try How to be a Redhead’s Finally Have Brows

Stop going too dark 

As we fill our brows in, it can be tempting to want bold brows and many redheads go to too dark. Since redheads have naturally lighter brows, you want to stick with lighter shades. This may mean using a lighter tint color, or using a lighter hand when applying your makeup.

Stop ignoring your natural brow shape

When you have light brows, it can be hard to see your natural brow shape, and it can often get ignored. Your brow shape is what looks the most natural on your face, so try to keep the eyebrow in its natural shape but clean up the edges when waxing, plucking, or filling in. For the best help, seek an eyebrow professional to help you out. 

Stop over-tweezing 

Removing hair with tweezers can damage the shape of your brow. Don’t tweeze any hairs that you want to grow back. Tweezed hairs will grow back, but over-tweezing can lead to permanently thin brows. Instead, only tweeze around the perimeter, and opt for waxing over-tweezing if you can. 

Stop using the wrong brow products 

Brow products made for blondes and brunettes don’t always work for redheads. This can often lead to eyebrows that are too dark or look very ashy or brown. Use brow products intended for redheads in redhead colors, or use products that are clear for shaping and styling tinted brows. 

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