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This Redhead Only Washes Her Hair With Water

And her hair looks SO healthy

There’s a redhead on TikTok who made a video about how she hasn’t washed her hair in 3 months. People were freaking out in the comment section, but what she really means is she hasn’t used shampoo and conditioner. Yes, that’s right. She doesn’t use anything but water!

She took viewers inside her shower and showed them exactly how she washes her red hair. She refers to hair washing products as “chemicals” and washes her hair solely with water. In a second video, she shows her hair the next day when it’s dry. She has naturally curly hair and she claims this is why her red hair stays bright and healthy

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We know overwashing (especially over-shampooing) can be bad for your scalp and hair. We aren’t quite sold on this method of only using water, but it could be an option for those who want to wash their hair every day but don’t want to over shampoo or have product build-up.

Will you try simple water washes? Hair experts have said it can get your hair healthy again but should be used in between regular shampoo washing. 

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