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6 Best Overnight Hairstyles For Redheads to Sleep in Comfortably

We're ranking them 1-6. #1 is best and #6 and not preferred

The way you wear your red hair at night can determine how it looks in the morning and how you sleep. Some overnight styles can also be damaging to your hair, so it’s important to pick the right one. Here are how 6 of the most common sleep hairstyles ranked for comfort, morning style, and hair protection: 

(Not ideal) #6: Down

Wearing your red hair down at night isn’t ideal, but unlike other styles, it won’t leave much texture in the morning. If you have longer hair it can be uncomfortable and can cause a lot of friction/damage when your hair rubs on your pillow. It can also cause the oils from your hair to transfer to your face and back causing acne.

If you have shorter hair, wearing it down can actually be comfortable, but there is actually a better option (see hairstyle #1).

If you are going to wear your hair down, make sure you brush it thoroughly, use a silk or satin pillowcase, and wash the pillowcase often. 

#5: High pony

Getting your hair out of your face and off your neck is ideal for sleeping. A high ponytail does the job, but it ranks low because of the damage it can cause. Any high hairstyle worn for a long period of time can cause breakage around the hairline. If you are going to wear your hair in a high ponytail for sleeping, make sure you don’t pull it too tight and use a less restrictive hair tie like a scrunchie. The high ponytail often leaves kinks or dents in the hair, but overall won’t add too much texture.

#4: High bun

Only slightly better than the high ponytail is the high bun. The reason a bun ranks higher is that a high bun can usually be secured a little more loosely than a high ponytail. It also keeps your hair up and away from your neck. Again, this is a style that can cause breakage if too tight, so make it a little looser and use a nice soft scrunchie if this is your style of choice. A loose high bun may add a dent or kink from the hair tie but will not add more texture or bounce to the hair.

#3: Braided

Braids are secure and can be worn loose enough to prevent much damage around the hairline. They can also leave your hair with a nice wave. The reason braids don’t rank higher is because you can’t always determine the texture they will leave in your hair in. 

#2: Heatless curls

The ultra-popular heatless curls are actually a pretty good way to wear your hair to bed. Some methods are more comfortable than others, but they keep your hair up out of your face, and off your neck while also giving you curls in with no heat/no damage. Winning! They do take a little practice, but heatless curls are a top contender. 

(Best) #1: Head Scarf 

The best way to wear your hair? In a hair scarf! This reduces friction which eliminates frizz and damage. It keeps your hair contained and out of your face, and you can do any of your favorite sleep styles under your silk scarf while still keeping it loose enough to prevent breakage. 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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