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6 Non-Damaging Hairstyles Redheads With Long Hair Can Rock

Keep Cool and Look Great Doing It!

During the summer months, thick red hair can be a pain. Some of us will opt for a summer chop, but if you want to keep your length, try out these redhead hairstyles that will get your hair out of your face with minimal damage. 

1. Claw clip updo

There’s no easier way to get the hair up out of your face than in a claw clip updo. Keep a claw clip in your beach bag this summer so you can easily tie back your hair no matter the length. Not only do claw clips keep hair secured and looking cute, but they also create way fewer kinks in the hair so you can easily refresh your style when you’re ready to let it down.


2. Braids

For a no-fuss, stay all day look, try adding some braids. You can do double or single braids, French braids, or even a braided crown look. Your hair will stay in place and won’t make you overheat even on the hottest of days. Plus braids often stay looking nice when wet and you can take them out for a beachy wave look!


3. Scrunchies

If you want a traditional ponytail or bun, opt for a soft scrunchie instead of a traditional hair tie. The soft padding of the scrunchie will leave fewer kinks in the hair and the looser fit will cause less strain and damage to the hair.


4. Low bun

Low buns are effortless and chic, by keeping them low and loose you won’t cause strain on the hairline. Additionally, you can secure them with a loose looped elastic or small clip to reduce damage and breakage. You can even try double buns for extra thick hair or braided buns if you need something a little more secure. 


5. Bandana

Adding a bandana is perfect for short red hair or hair you don’t want to mess up by putting up. Simply wear it like a headband and your red hair will be out of your face and still look super cute!


6. Low pony

Like low buns, low ponytails cause less strain on the hairline and can give you a nice relaxed look while keeping the hair up. Opt for a ribbon, hair scarf or clip to secure your low pony with less breakage. 


Rock it like a Redhead!